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Luke is the co-creator of Kitchen Expert. He is a tech writer, kitchen expert, and sushi enthusiast. He loves Asian cuisine and is always on the lookout for new techniques and devices that will allow him to improve his cooking style. He is the proud father of a brilliant baby boy, Patrick, whom he will sneak into the Kitchen Expert videos as often as he can.


Linda is the other great mind behind Kitchen Expert. She is an engineering PhD so she is the driving force behind every project that goes into creating Kitchen Expert. She is also the one keeping in touch with most of the team and provides the analytic data required to bring you the most relevant information. She is Patrick’s mom so she too will appreciate all the positive comments you leave when you catch her son in action on the site.


Barbara is the cooking genius behind Kitchen Expert. Most of the American recipes you see here have passed through her kitchen first. We may recreate them to turn them into videos, but we only use what she teaches us. Asian cooking might be Luke’s favorite, but Barbara has the rest of the word’s cuisine to play with.


Cheyanne is our “over seas” correspondent. She is an American ex-pat living in China, and she is a wonderful researcher. Over the years she has produced some of the best product reviews on Kitchen Expert so she is slowly taking over that area of the website. Make sure to check out her “Kitchen Tips” as well since she has a surprising imagination and she will help you find solutions to problems you probably did not even know were there. She enjoys traveling, writing, and promoting gender equality, and you should definitely check out her own website The Thistlette.



Luke is the hand moving the type writer, but don't be fooled, the opinions he shares are his as much as they are Linda's. We are cooking enthusiasts and Luke is also a tech enthusiast so we have every cooking machine you can think of from an air fryer to a bread machine, even an espresso maker and a rice cooker.

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