Attention Popcorn Enthusiasts: Get Yourself the Best Popcorn Machine Ever

If you are a popcorn addict like me, or at least feel the urge for that crunchy taste so much every night then get yourself the best popcorn machine; you certainly deserve it. I have good news for you; corn is super healthy. There is no fat or sugar in it and it is high in fiber. You can get the right popcorn machine and enjoy it every night with the right ingredients.

Is Corn A Vegetable or A Grain?

Corn is a very famous grain, vegetable, and fruit all over the world. Yes, that’s right; it is all those things. The dried seed makes it a grain, and the kernel makes it a fruit but the starchy nature makes it a vegetable. So, be careful which aisle to pick it up when you are in the grocery store, because it can be in a lot of places. But hey, let’s not worry too much with what to call it and rather concentrate on how to eat it.

Popcorn and French fries are probably the two most consumed ‘salty’ snack all over the world. People are nuts about them. Me too, movies without popcorn is like burgers without fries. But did you know that you can do much better popcorn at home and it will be as nourishing as a super green salad!

For a fine selection of the best popcorn kernels, you can read our review post on the options available on the market now. You can also make your own popcorn flavorings, by reading our recommended recipe for best popcorn flavorings.

Popcorn Can Be Healthy

You can have healthy popcorn and eat as often as you like if you pop them with nutritious oil or natural butter. And it gets even healthier if you can cut down on the sodium or use a salt substitute. The corn is very nutritious by itself; it contains no sugar, fat, or gluten. We make it unhealthy by adding margarine, fatty seasonings, sugar, etc. Remember, if you cannot do without butter then get an organic, all-natural butter which is good for your health.

Which Popcorn Machine Is the Best?

You should be well aware of your weekly popcorn needs to answer that question. Do you make popcorn every night? How large is your family? Popcorn can be eaten daily if prepared with low-fat ingredients. It is actually a low-calorie food that’s high in fiber. You should decide on the capacity you need and check the cleaning features of the popcorn machines when you are buying one. The following 3 machines make delicious popcorn with different capacities.

West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper

This one is super compact and great for those romantic movie nights. You can just keep it in the closet when not using; it is not going to take much space in your home. It comes with its own butter well so you do not have to worry about melting butter on the side. But you also have the option to make popcorn without butter. A great way to enjoy delicious snack at home.

  • Comes with a clear cover that turns into a bowl.
  • Bottom cover is heat-resistant, so no-worries when putting it on counter top.
  • Makes cleaning easy with the nonstick coated plate.
  • The top lid can be used for serving popcorn, just flip It over.


  • Easy to see, clear cover with 6 Qt capacity.
  • Non-stick plate for easy clean up.
  • Works with a variety of oils; peanut, olive, coconut, etc.
  • Cord wraps underneath for easy storage.
  • Securing handles for the cover and base.
  • Motorized stirring rod.
  • Practical, compact size.

6074 Great Northern Popcorn Machine – Retro Style

This retro style popcorn maker is so stylish and it is the first of its kind to include a removable serving tray option. You just pull out the tray and start eating once the corn is finished popping. Even better, the tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

You can use either prepackaged or regular popcorn with this. The prepackaged version tastes exactly like the ones in the movie theaters. However, you can also buy any kind of popcorn and use it on this popcorn machine. Windows on the side are made out of plastic. It is just great for any dinner party, BBQ fun or winter’s night in front of the fire.



  • Built in stirring system.
  • Pull-out tray for convenience.
  • Stainless steel kettle.
  • Includes the measuring cup, and spoon.
  • Comes with 2 popping kettle hangers.
  • Makes 1 gallon of popcorn each time.

Great Northern Popcorn Red Matinee Movie Theater Style Popcorn Machine

This one is a special treat for the real popcorn enthusiast. If it is a common habit at your home to have popcorn so often then there is no better choice than this chic, large volume popcorn maker. It actually looks exactly the same as the ones in the movie theaters.

It has a special drawer for unpopped corn kernels. You can use any kind of oil with this depending on your preference. Specifically designed for those looking for large volume popcorn machine. It makes about 2-3 gallons of popcorn each time which is a good amount for a big family.

The stylish antique looks and the commercial quality makes perfect theater popcorn at home.



  • Tempered glass, no plastic windows.
  • Cleans up easily with water.
  • Commercial quality with stainless steel.
  • Comes with 8 Ounce kettle.
  • 3 control switches; Pot heater, Stirrer, and the Warmer.
  • Made from premium grade steel.
  • Comes in black or red, with or without the cart.
  • Includes 3 plastic serving cups.
  • Comes with popcorn scoop.
  • Contains 25 popcorn serving bags.
  • Measuring cups included.
  • Makes 2-3 gallons of popcorn with each batch.
  • 3-year warranty included.

How Much Oil Do You Put in A Popcorn Machine?

You can add ¼ cup of oil to 4 oz and 6 oz popcorn machines, and 1/3 cup of oil to 8 oz and 12 oz popcorn machines. You can also use butter with most popcorn machines, check your manual for specific features.

What Kind of Oil Do You Use In A Popcorn Machine?

It is best if you use canola, olive or avocado oil in your popcorn machine if you are health conscious. But if you are after the exact taste in movie theaters then go with the coconut oil. It is a saturated fat (about 90% – even higher than butter) and you should not consume it too much. Check your product manual for specific instructions on what oil to use with your equipment.

What Popcorn Is Used at Movie Theaters?

The secret sauce of the movie theater popcorn is a product called Flavacol. It is a special seasoning salt that gives the butter flavor to the popcorn. You would not tell the difference it exactly tastes like it came out from a movie theater. The good news is that the Flavacol does not contain any diacetyl which is a chemical with a buttery flavor used widely by the movie theaters to add aromatic appeal.

Can You Put Butter in Popcorn Machine?

Most popcorn machines have this feature. They are equipped with special sections or butter wells so that you can add melted butter onto your popcorn effortlessly. The special section is built to melt the butter and drizzle it over your hot popcorn.

Why Does Popcorn Pop?

There is water and starch inside the kernel. When we heat the kernels, the water inside starts steaming. Heated steam softens the outer hard shell of the kernel. You can imagine this like a broken, old pressure cooker without the pressure releaser that explodes. In fact, the kernel actually pops with much more power in comparison.

Well, who does not like the sound of popping corn and the smell of melted butter? It is automatic joy for most people. However, I am thinking this might be like World War II with all that explosions for the flies and the ants around our house when we are making popcorn, or maybe it is just fireworks to them; who knows.

It is unbelievable but corn kernels expand 40 times of their size. Just imagine people getting 40 times of their size under sun heat. That would just take so many hours at the gym.

How Do You Keep Popcorn from Getting Soggy?

This usually happens when you use margarine instead of oil or butter. Margarine has a very high water content inside. The water gets absorbed by the popcorn when you melt the margarine in order to use it as butter on the popcorn. This makes an extremely soggy popcorn and you can say goodbye to all the crunchiness you would expect from a traditional crispy popcorn. Just be safe, and use either oil or butter and drizzle over your popcorn to ensure crispiness.

In Conclusion

Popcorn industry was worth over $10 billion (US) in 2018 and is recurrently getting bigger every year. It is my favorite snack, tastes and feels much better than consuming calorie and sugar filled industrial stuff. You can make popcorn any way you like when you have a popcorn machine at home and have great movies nights.

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