Asparagus Slaw And Herb Bread Recipe

While living in the central valley of California, my husband surprised me with an entire case of fresh from the field asparagus. It was asparagus festival season after all and can you ever have too much asparagus? I think not! I could batter and deep fry asparagus every single day, but that just isn’t feasible. … Read more

Savory Puff Pastry Pinwheels With Deviled, Curried, or Chili Relleno Egg Filling

Savory puff pastry pinwheels are a blank canvas for a multitude of embellishments and are delicious appetizers served hot out of the oven. They are beautiful when garnished with fresh vegetables, herbs or salsa.  Transform savory puff pastries into hearty open-faced sandwiches with the addition of your favorite thinly sliced meat and cheese. Serve with … Read more

Bean and Beer Soup

Yes, beer is an ingredient in this soup! Beer connoisseurs will appreciate the added flavor. But even if you’re not a beer drinker, the malt and hops that a good beer adds to this soup takes it from good to great. My family loves this soup and believes it’s even better the next day. Check … Read more

Bountiful Entrée Salad

Several years ago I discovered and prepared Steak Supper Salad by Second Round Tea-Time at the Masters. It is a complete, beautiful meal my entire family enjoyed.  We have had several unseasonably warm days recently, and I have been waiting for the perfect day to make a version of this salad. The original recipe called … Read more

Meat Pastry – Fatayer

Years ago my Grandmother Sarah prepared a small collection of her favorite recipes from which several cousins created a treasured cookbook for all of our family to enjoy. As I opened her cookbook recently, right there on page five was her recipe for fatayer or meat pastry. Welcome to my home as I share my … Read more

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Pizza is a perfect gathering food. It’s simple, fun and honestly, who doesn’t love it?  Invite your friends over to make pizza and share a little pizza love. You don’t need a reason other than enjoying each other’s company. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy the process of cooking together. I recently hosted a … Read more