Finding the Perfect Sausage Stuffer

Who doesn’t love hot dogs, brats, or sausage of some type, right? Still, the World Health Organization and The Journal of the American Medical Association have recently discussed several drawbacks of consuming commercial sausages and cured meats. Added coloring, preservatives, high salt and fat content along with the addition of unwanted meat byproducts are only … Read more

Meat Injector Marinade Recipe

So, you have a meat marinade injector. What should you actually inject into your meat? I’m going to give you a few ideas. Injected marinades can accomplish several things. They can help maintain moisture, tenderize and add flavor. I assembled a little family tasting party in order to prepare a thoughtful marinade recipe for you. … Read more

The Best Meat Injector

What is a meat injector? It is an ingenious device that allows you to prepare tender, flavorful, mouthwatering meat. A meat injector is a pump syringe used to infuse marinades and seasonings into your meat. It can be used on a variety of roasts, whole turkey or whole chicken as well as on smaller cuts … Read more