Best Electric Pasta Makers: You Will Beat the Best Italian Restaurant

Choose one of the best electric pasta makers in the market to have great homemade Italian delicacies at home. You will never buy dried pasta from the store again. Plus, no restaurant can beat the unique taste of homemade food. You have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of ingredients and cook the most distinctive dishes. Boost your creativity with different flour and spices. Making fresh pasta at home is more than cooking. It is more like a celebration to roll that dough and shape it as you like. A great way to gather the whole family in the kitchen to enjoy easy but delicious home cooking.

Pasta is synonymous with Mediterranean diet but it is actually a major player in so many different international cuisines. It is enjoyed all over the world. Much like the pizza, you can have countless versions only by changing the sauce and toppings. It is a great base to develop distinguishable dishes and impress your friends. We are no longer limited to boring dried pasta any more thanks to smart electric pasta makers. Keep in mind though; it would not be this easy to make fresh pasta at home without these handy appliances.

Here are the best electric pasta makers available with optional attachments:

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine with Electric Motor Attachment

This is a great electric motor attachment to Marcato pasta makers. The motor has two speeds to accommodate to your dough specifications. You can control the thickness of the pasta easily by the 9-position dial and make high-quality authentic pasta at home. It is just great to be able to roll out the dough and cut pasta all hands-free thanks to the electric motor.

Manufactured by the famous Marcato, which is called the Ferrari of the pasta making world. The electric motor attachment is a great enhancement for Atlas pasta machine enthusiasts. There is quite a fan base for the Atlas series since the brand has been the leader for pasta making machines for some time now.



  • Body of the pasta machine is made from chrome plated steel, rollers and cutters are made from aluminum.
  • Comes with delicious recipes.
  • It is durable and made in Italy.
  • You can add optional pasta cutters later on. It is easy to clean with brush.


  • The motor power is a bit small, and it is only available to use with the newer models.
  • If you have an older version of Atlas pasta maker then it won’t attach safely.
  • Plastic on the motor cover is fragile.
  • There are many cutter attachments for the Atlas 150 but not as much for the 180 version.

Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker with 4 Interchangeable Pasta Shape Plates

This new age Philips pasta and noodle maker is very talented. I am sure many people will switch once they learn the marvelous features. It is super easy to operate and quick to assemble. It comes with 4 shaping discs; Fettuccine, Spaghetti, Lasagna, and Penne. Additional discs are available for various noodle and pasta. Includes a free recipe book with over 20 pasta dishes.



  • It is also a mixer. You knead the dough inside the Phillips pasta machine and then continue to make pasta without taking it out. It mixes, kneads, and then extrudes automatically after choosing the program. This is a great all-in-one equipment!
  • It features a dye-casted aluminum mixing paddle for both mixing and kneading.
  • You can make all kinds of different pasta simply by replacing the plastic die.
  • It also has high capacity; you can make over 1-pound (454gr) pasta in less than 15 minutes. Powerful motor to extrude any kind of pasta.
  • Since this is an extruder, you don’t need to worry about the dough consistency for rolling out and folding.
  • It is much easier to change/add different ingredients to your recipes. You can customize and personalize your recipes with spices, and fruit/vegetable juices.
  • Use the one-push cleaning tool for easy cleaning.
  • Shaping discs and cleaning tools are stored inside the machine; now that’s smart storage.


  • Plastic parts are not very durable after 1 year. You need to be careful; they are fragile and can get broken over time.
  • The equipment does not perform well if you make the dough too stiff.
  • The kneading time is a bit too fast. It is hard to make the dough elastic this way, but this equipment was developed as an extruder which does not require elasticity. This might force you to convert your original recipes suited for strong dough.

Philips Compact Pasta and Noodle Maker 3 Interchangeable Pasta Shapes

This is the compact version of the Philips pasta maker above. You can make fresh and quick pasta with this smart kitchen tool. It comes with free recipe book and 3 interchangeable pasta shape disks. Add the ingredients in its mixer and press the button. You will have 2-3 servings of pasta within minutes.



  • Makes perfect dough with the help of the advanced kneading tube and the stirring bar. It mixes, kneads, and then extrudes automatically after choosing the program. Another great all-in-one equipment from Philips!
  • You can make all kinds of different pasta simply by replacing the plastic die.
  • The stirring bar design for extruding is special to this model and makes it easier to extrude fresh pasta.
  • Easy to clean, all removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Compact size saves space on countertop.
  • Shaping discs are stored inside the pasta machine.


  • You can’t place the dough you prepared yourself in to the machine. The dough development, kneading, and extrusion is a continuous process.
  • Clogs easily if you don’t use the right amounts for your recipes.

Heavy Duty Pasta Maker Machine 3 in 1 by DUOER

This is a motorized stainless-steel pasta roller machine for homemade pasta. It is a heavy duty, sturdy equipment that makes traditional fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli, and tagliolini. It is small but performs as well as a professional pasta maker.



  • It can easily roll 140 mm wide lasagna at 7 different thickness.
  • Comes with a powerful motor which makes rolling out the dough a breeze.
  • Compact size saves space.
  • Easy to operate, simple to assemble; not too many details.


  • Hard to clean; the parts are not dishwasher safe and you can only clean with a brush.
  • The motor is a bit loud when it is operating.

Shule Electric Pasta Maker Machine

Shule is a classic and affordable electric pasta machine with two speeds. It is not the fanciest one in the market but it does produce great homemade pasta easily. The whole body of this handy pasta maker is completely manufactured from stainless-steel.



  • Very durable and sturdy.
  • Compact size saves space; small and light weight.
  • Easy to operate, simple to assemble; not too many details.
  • Easy to clean; everything comes apart.


  • The removable parts are not dishwasher safe and you can only clean with a brush.
  • Not too many options for different types of pastas.

How Does A Pasta Maker Work?

Pasta maker allows you to roll fresh homemade pasta dough into all kinds of different shapes with different attachments. You can make any style pasta at home with the right tools. It is an indispensable kitchen utensil if you have a passion for noodles, ravioli, fettuccine, linguine and more. Prepare your dough with simple ingredients and assemble your pasta maker. You can play with the ingredients once you master your recipe. Durum wheat flour (high protein and gluten), eggs, and water is the best way to develop a simple pasta dough.

You start to roll out the dough after you knead and rest it. The electric pasta makers have easy dials on the side to adjust the thickness of the dough. You need to fold and roll out a few times to reach to the desired level. After that, you attach the cutter to the pasta maker and start to cut depending on your preference. Fresh pasta is cooked right away, but you can also keep it in the fridge for later use.

Different Types of Pasta You Can Make with A Pasta Maker

You can pretty much make all kinds of pastas with a pasta maker. The old version pasta types are limited in shape variety in comparison to the extruder models. In general, these make lasagna, fettuccine, spaghetti, angel hair, and similar. The extruded models can make almost all the types sold at your local store. Extrusion allows to have more variety than the rolled-out dough method. Also, you can make some shapes by hand.

What Is the Best Flour for Pasta?

Wheat flour is the best kind for making pasta. In general, you will see semolina, high-protein, and all-purpose flour listed on fresh pasta recipes. Durum semolina works best for extruded pasta. Also, only durum, water, salt is used for dried pasta. It is a special wheat flour with high-protein levels in order to be able to make the dough elastic. This helps a lot during shaping the pasta and adds to chewiness and taste enormously.

How Do You Dry Fresh Pasta?

You can have your fresh pasta dried with a few simple steps. It does not take much effort at all, and you can use your homemade pasta at a later time. It takes 24 hours for the whole drying process. Preferably, use a large tray and lay the fresh pasta in a single layer. Keep it open in a dry place. Try to flip the pasta every other 4-5 hours. Keep it in airtight containers after it is dried.

In Conclusion

Pasta was introduced to Italy by Marco Polo who discovered this magnificent delicacy in China. It is an essential part of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. This unleavened dough found its way in many different cultures. You can see it portrayed in famous miniatures from the Middle Ages to Hollywood blockbuster movies all the time. It is extremely popular all over the world because it is easy to digest, delicious, and you can basically have an enormous variety. Now you can make your own fresh pasta at home effortlessly with electric pasta makers. They are so convenient. You can make uniform pasta anyway you like and enjoy with your loved ones. It does not get any fresher than this.

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