Best Electric Sausage Stuffer: Make Your Own Gourmet Sausages

Get yourself the best electric sausage stuffer to make your own gourmet sausages at home effortlessly. There are too many sausage stuffers available out there, some are manual and some are motorized. As an experienced sausage stuffer; I suggest you to stay away from the manual versions because it takes too much energy and time to work with them. If you like sausages in general then you must consider getting an efficient sausage stuffer sooner or later to make them on your own. It is another article’s topic about what goes inside the industrial sausages, but for now, all I will say that they are not healthy at all.

Anyone can make delicious sausage at home with automatic stuffers; it is so easy and healthy. Just put your meat mixture into the hopper, thread some casings on the stuffing tube and you are ready to roll. Nothing beats homemade food. The freedom to choose your own ingredients makes all the difference. You can feed your family with nutritious sausages instead of the chemical junks sold at the stores. I just love creating my own hot and delightful recipes.

Best Electric Sausage Stuffer

It is really time consuming to prepare sausages without a really good stuffer. If you were stuffing your sausages with a kitchen stand mixer’s grinder attachment in the past, then you will be amazed by the features of a modern motorized sausage stuffer. Using only a grinder is not a good idea since it turns your meat and fat mixture into a paste. Grinders are good for meat grinding but not for making sausages. It is easier if you get a good mixture of ground meat from your local butcher shop. Our top recommendation for the best electric sausage stuffer is the LEM 20-Pound Motorized Sausage Stufferthat comes with 4 stuffing tubes. Now you can make delicous sausages for the entire family!

Making sausages with manual sausage stuffers is a good work out but you can go to the gym instead; stuffing sausages should never be that hard. Plus, you can’t operate the manual versions on your own; you definitely need a helper. You are better off with an electric version.

Features of a good sausage stuffer:

  • Variable speed; a good stuffer must have variable speed options to operate. This is a useful feature especially for the beginners; you can adopt your own speed as you get more experienced.
  • Vertical vs. horizontal; most sausage stuffers are designed vertically and that is the best option, but there are some horizontal ones and it is really hard to stuff sausages with them.
  • Check the hopper size; some stuffers have very low capacity and you have to fill them way too often. Bigger size cylinders are better when you are stuffing a lot of sausages.
  • Various stuffing tubes; you can make all kinds of sausage, salami and snack sticks if your stuffer comes with various stuffing tubes with different sizes.
  • Air valve; last but not least, check if the stuffer has an air valve. This feature pushes air on top of the casing to prevent it from breaking, otherwise the air is trapped inside. Your homemade sausages will certainly look neat and professional with the air valve option.

LEM 20-Pound Motorized Sausage Stuffer w/4 Stuffing Tubes

Forget about manual stuffers; this motorized, 20-pound sausage stuffer gives you all the features of a typical commercial unit. You no longer need an assistant when making sausages anymore; you can stuff your sausages hands free, easily by yourself with the electric foot switch. That’s why it is marketed as ¨the answer to one person stuffing¨. A must buy for every sausage enthusiast.

The variable speed control knob has 8 different speeds from slow to fast. Filling the stainless steel cylinder is easy since it is removable. Some stuffers have small hoppers which you have to refill during stuffing but this one has 5 lbs. capacity that can get most recipes done in only one load. 4 stainless steel stuffing tubes in different diameters included. It is good for making any size sausage and snack sticks.


LEM sausage stuffer is sturdy, durable and well engineered. You can mount it on a board to make it even more stable thanks to the four screw holes at the bottom. It is really easy to take it apart which makes it convenient to clean thoroughly. Don’t forget to remove the O-ring of the plunger, sometimes meat particles get stuck in there and that is totally normal with all sausage stuffers. You can use food grade grease to apply on the O-ring for better flow.

It has industrial strength and would satisfy the needs of any large scale butcher shop or restaurant. One of those impossible to break kitchen appliances that you will probably have to pass onto your children in future.

Wash all removable parts with soap and warm water and dry well before first use.


  • 39 x 18 x 15 inches
  • Weighs 37.5 pounds
  • 8 speeds; variable speed control
  • Removable cylinder
  • Stainless steel body
  • Comes with an electric foot switch
  • Includes 4 stainless steel stuffing tubes; 1/2¨, 5/8¨, 1¨, 1-1/4¨ OD
  • Motorized stuffer
  • Handle included

In Conclusion

Stuffing sausages at home is really easy and convenient with the modern motorized sausage stuffers. You can focus on your sausage recipes instead of the technical aspects of your old grinder and manual stuffer. Controlling the unit with a foot switch enables you to fill them up on your own, and the whole process takes a few minutes. You can make healthy sausages the way you like and enjoy them with your loved ones. It is the best way to control what goes into your sausage and what should not. Make your own pepperonis and use them on your homemade crispy pizzas. The motorized stuffer is the proper way to stuff sausage at home, but you can also use them at restaurants and gourmet butcher shops.

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