Best Oven Bags for Roasting Meat

Oven bags make your food even more delicious than it already is. Anything you cook in them comes out juicier, tastier and more tender. All the aroma and flavor of the food is trapped inside with a simple trick. The best part is the easy cleaning, and that’s just perfect for lazy cooks like me! It just feels great to be able to throw away the bag after the meal is done. If you don’t use an oven bag, then you have to scrub all the fat splashes from the walls of your oven. This way, my trays and racks stay clean as if I never cooked anything on them.

Best Oven Bags for Chicken

Oven bags were first introduced to the market in mid 1960s. They were mainly used for roasting whole chicken. In later years, different bags started to emerge for different types of food, ranging from fish to turkeys. Now, we have bags particularly designed for specific meats in various sizes. Here are the best oven bags for cooking chicken:

TRUE LIBERTY BAGS – Chicken Bags 100 Pack

True Liberty Bags -2 Gallon Bags - 100 Pack - All Purpose...
  • KEEP YOUR CHICKEN FRESH & YUMMY: If you are looking for safe, non-toxic and...
  • FROM THE FREEZER TO THE OVEN: Our baking bags are specially designed to...
  • RESISTANT TO FAT, OIL, GREASE & WATER: The leak-proof nylon construction...
  • ULTRA-VERSATILE OVEN BAGS: True Liberty Bags all-purpose 12" x 20" clear...
  • THE TRUE LIBERTY BAGS GUARANTEE: In the improbable case that you are not...

This is the industry standard chicken bags that you cannot go wrong when you are roasting chicken or similar size meats. The reason they sell like bread and butter is probably due to their extreme versatility; you can freeze, cook or do anything you want with them. In short, this is your all-purpose bag in the kitchen for all your needs. It also has a bigger model for turkey cooking that is very popular too.

I fit large size chickens into them, and throw in some large cut onions and potatoes as sides. It turns out extremely moist and the meat basically falls off the bone. Cooking whole chickens in oven bags are so easy and tasty that this meal has become a weekly regular at our place. Don’t forget to poke a few holes on top so that the bag does not get stuck on the chicken. Check out my oven bag recipes for chicken for simple yet delicious instructions.

True Liberty Bags are my favorite because they are BPA free and FDA approved, meaning they are non-toxic and safe to use for your family. I should mention a few words about its freezing quality too, otherwise, it would not be fair. I used to buy another brand which absorbed all the other odors in the freezer, and that’s something I really can’t stand. However, this one has a strong odor barrier; nothing will leak in or out. So, you get additional benefits for freezing your veggies and meats with confidence.

The package is an advantageous bargain deal since it contains 100 bags per pack. Plus, the bag ties are also included.


  • 12 x 10 inches
  • Includes 100 bags per pack
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Made in USA

TOASTABAGS Disposable Oven and BBQ Coking Bags

toastabags Disposable Oven and BBQ Cooking Bags, 12 x 7.5...
  • COOK CLEAN: Use these bags to keep cooking and clean up hassle free; Bags...
  • OVEN SAFE: These bags are safe to use for temperatures up to 400 degrees F
  • NOT JUST FOR OVENS: Use on BBQ grills, griddles and hot plates, not just in...
  • MANY FOOD RECIPES AND USES: These bags are great for vegetables, meat and...
  • BAG DIMENSIONS : Each bag measures approx.. 12 x 7.5 inches and include 6...

I use these unique bags for smaller size marinated meat parts including chicken breast, salmon fillets, spicy beef steaks, jumbo shrimps, and more. You can actually prepare easy meals inside them and flavor each one according to your preference. One side of the bag is clear nylon, and the other one is thick folio. Note that both are made from food-grade material. You need to lay the bag on its thick folio side when cooking.

You don’t get to use oven bags on your BBQ every day, these are specially designed that allow you to use them on the grill with other foods you are cooking. Inside is not as spacious as other regular oven bags, and the opening is a bit narrow too, but it is made that way to keep the sauces locked inside.

The idea behind these thick oven bags is to put a smaller meal inside for up to 3 people. If you are looking for larger bags that you can use for big group of people, then check out the ones below. It would be hard to fit a whole chicken in this, but I think you can manage to fit a small one. However, there is no better bag than this one when it comes to marinated chicken legs or wings.

Don’t forget to poke the clear side to release the extra steam during cooking. This step is more important with these particular bags since the material used here is thicker. It needs to release the excess pressure and hot air.


  • 12 x 7.5 inches
  • Includes 6 bags per pack
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Safe up to 400°F

Great for: Chicken, vegetables, fish fillets, beef steaks and more.

Best Oven Bags for Turkey Roast

Cooking turkey is harder than other festive meals since its meat is very lean. It is difficult to arrange a balanced roast when the fat level is too low. The skin tends to dry up while you are trying to cook the breast and thigh area. You need a special roaster oven and big size oven bags to be able to cook a delicious turkey the right way.

BUDDY BAGS CO – Nylon Turkey Oven Bags

Buddy Bags Co Multipurpose Nylon Turkey Oven Bags - 19" x...
  • Made and Produced in the USA
  • Locks in Odor & Moisture
  • Water, Fat, Oil, and Grease Resistant
  • Holds and Contains up to 25 LBS of Liquid or Solid Weight

I use these to brown the turkey better especially on Thanksgiving Day. Since I cook turkey in the roaster oven, it is a little tough to get a dark color on the skin. Roaster ovens are great for cooking juicy meat, but you cannot just turn up the heat to brown the turkey since they don’t have any heating elements on top. Oven bags come in handy at this step; they help to improve and balance the colorization of the cooked meat. And if you use a roaster oven plus a cooking bag, then you will cook the best turkey ever.

If you are looking for a quality oven bag that you can fit any size turkey easily, then this is the one you need. These bags have huge capacity; you can put anything up to 25 pounds liquid or solid. The temperature range for allowed usage is pretty wide; from -100°F to as high as 400°F. So, feel free to freeze, cook, preserve, and do more with these.

Please note that these cooking bags completely lock in the moisture and odor. Your turkey will be extra juicy and full of flavors when it comes out.

They are made in U.S.A. according to FDA regulations and are heavy-duty. You can use these for all your family and friends with confidence, they are 100% safe; all the materials used are BPA free. Make sure you always check the food grade plastic materials are free of BPA; it is important for your health.


  • 19 x 24.5 inches
  • Includes 100 bags per pack
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Safe up to 400°F

REYNOLDS Nylon – Turkey Size Oven Bags

Reynolds Nylon 510 Reynolds Oven Bag 2-ct (Pack of 4) 8 bags...
  • 19x23-1/2 oven bag, 4 BOXES EACH 2 Count, Total 8 Bags
  • oven bags for cooking warm
  • hearty dinners without basting
  • pop it in the oven
  • juicy and delicious

Who does not like Reynolds oven bags? They are a classic brand, and most anyone who ever cooked something in a bag probably used one of their products at some time. Although these are made for home use, they have such a good quality that you can easily use them in any commercial kitchen.

You cannot simply get a regular size oven bag for roasting turkey; cooking a large size bird requires a large size bag. This package comes with 8 big size cooking bags inside, and the ties are included. Reynolds products are a bit pricier but I don’t suggest using cheap versions for turkey cooking since they tend to break up easily. Unless you cook turkey every week, then you don’t need to buy one of those 100 bags packs either.

This big size oven bags are 19 by 23 ½ inches; big enough to hold a 24 pounds turkey. Thickness of the nylon bag is also stronger than the competition. It is recommended that you cut slits to let go off the extra steam inside the bag. However, I only pierce one or two small holes in the mid-section.


  • 19 x 23 ½ inches
  • Includes 8 bags per pack
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Do not exceed 400°F

Is Turkey Better Cooked in a Bag?

Cooking your Thanksgiving turkey in a bag will guarantee that you have a savoring festive meal on the table when your guests arrive. Cooking bags have three main benefits for turkey roasting; the meat will come out moist, browning will be perfect, and you will enjoy a flavorful turkey. Cooking bag keeps all the turkey juice inside the bag and recirculates the aroma with the steam created from heat.

Should I Brine the Turkey?

Brining the turkey adds to the flavor and tenderness of the final meat. It is a simple method with only two ingredients; salt and water. You can get a quality brining bag and make fancy Thanksgiving turkey at home with ease. However, if you have an electric roaster oven with a self-basting lid, then you don’t need any brining at all. The roaster oven does that for you all naturally.

You can find quality brining oven bags below. These are more durable than your regular oven bags, and loaded with extra features. You can also use these bags to brine two whole chickens at the same time.

LIQUID SOLUTION – Turkey Brining Bags

New and Improved Liquid Solution Turkey Brining Bags - No...
  • PROVEN TECHNIQUE: Brining is your ticket to a juicy, full-flavored turkey,...
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: These two, extra large turkey sized brining bags have...
  • FREE FROM BREAKAGE: Don’t risk your expensive bird with a flimsy bag,...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Not only are these 21.5” x 25.5” bags perfect for any...

Turkey brining requires extra durable nylon bags with high quality zippers. It is not wise to consider cheap versions, because if it ever splits, then you are in big trouble. We use salt and water when preparing the brine. This in turn breaks the muscle proteins leading to a juicier turkey with increased moisture absorption. I use these bags for marinating large meats and turkeys. I don’t brine my turkeys anymore since I cook them in my roaster oven which has a self-basting lid to make anything you put inside juicier.

This company hires a third-party tester to check on their bags’ consistency regularly. They are serious about providing a high-quality item to their customers. It comes with double track zipper. Use it in the refrigerator with no issues.


  • 5 x 25.5 inches
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Heavy duty
  • Includes 2 bags in the pack

Best Oven Bags for Pork

Pork shoulder or butt in oven bag makes perfect weekend dinner, but any cut of pork will do as long as you know how to cook it. Since the meat is tasty, you don’t need to add a lot of herbs or sauces. The oven bag will turn it into an extra savory and juicy meal.


Reynolds Kitchens Large Oven Bags, 5 Count, Pack of 12
  • REYNOLDS OVEN BAGS—This pack includes five, large Reynolds Kitchens Oven...
  • MAKE MEALS EASY—These oven bags maintain natural juices while cooking to...
  • SIMPLE CLEANUP—Line your favorite pan or baking sheet with these...
  • NYLON FLAP TIES—These cooking bags for oven use included heat- &...
  • BPA-FREE & OVEN-SAFE—Roast a whole chicken or ham, your favorite sheet...

This is what I use whenever I am having a great ham roast night. Ham is super easy to cook. The bag retains its juices while cooking, and the final meat is exceptionally moist. Most hams we buy are sold precooked, or at least partially cooked anyway. So, you can prepare simple and delicious meals easily for large groups of people with the help of this quality oven bag and precooked ham. Just season the ham or your preferred cut of pork and throw it in to the bag with onions, baby carrots, and potato wedges. It will taste better if you keep it in the fridge uncovered for two hours after you season it. Make sure you bring it to room temperature before you start cooking.

This will fit you well up to meats that are 8 pounds or less. If you are having a bigger cut, then you should get one of those turkey size oven bags listed above. You need to poke a few holes in order to allow the bag to release the extra steam inside. If you exceed the 400°F, then the bag starts to melt fast, so watch out for the temperature.

Reynolds Kitchens Large Oven Bags, 5 Count, Pack of 12

Check on Amazon


  • 16 x 17.5 inches
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Safe up to 400°F
  • Includes 5 bags in the pack

How Does an Oven Bag Work?

Oven bags keep the moisture inside and make the food retain its juices. You get to develop better aroma and flavor in the end. These handy bags are either made from heat-resistant nylon or parchment. Benefits include basting effect. You should be careful with oven bags and make sure that they don’t touch the oven walls or the heating element.

Best Oven Bags for Lamb

Lamb make tasty meals whether you grill it on the barbecue or roast in flavor burst oven bags. They are widely popular in the Mediterranean and also in New Zealand. It has a unique flavor; you either love it or hate it, but I don’t think you can resist if it was cooked in an oven bag.

AWZ PRODUCTS – Multi-Purpose Oven Bags

Cut any size you like (mx 10 ft) with this versatile oven bag. The width is fixed at 12 inches but you get to decide on the length as you like. It comes as a continuous bag that has both sides open that you lock with the enclosed ties. It is good for anything from microwaves to freezers.

You can fit any cut of lamb in these bags easily. The reason I use these bags for lamb roasts is because I would like to cook them on the highest temperature available. Lamb meat is not like a brisket, I enjoy it full cooked and a little bit crispy. But of course, that is only a personal choice, you can have them anyway you like. These bags are different than all other brands that they can go as high as 450°F. In general, only aluminum foil liners or bags can withstand such high heat for long time. So, they are a perfect solution for lamb roasting.

I spice the lamp meat Mediterranean style and add a lot of thyme. They come out extremely delicious with the help of the AWZ bag. Check out my oven bag recipes for lamb if you want to cook a fancy Mediterranean meal for dinner.

AWZ Products Multi-Purpose Oven Bags for Cooking - Works...

Check on Amazon


  • 12 inches wide
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Safe up to 450°F

Can I Use an Oven Bag in a Convection Oven?

It is not a good idea to use oven bags in ovens with fans such as the convection ovens. You don’t get the benefits of air flow since bags block the hot air. Oven bags are most suitable to be used in electric roaster ovens, and regular conventional ovens which cook food by surrounding with heated air.

Best Oven Bags for Veal

Cooking boneless veal takes a little longer but it is all worth waiting for that precious meat to get ready. It is also a traditional Italian food. When you add potatoes inside the bag then it becomes the perfect holiday meal.

ROASTABAGS – Self Basting Oven Bags

Toastabags Self Basting Oven Bags, STD, Multicolor
  • Preserves The Natural Flavors And Colors Of The Food And Retains Nutrients
  • Simple To Use. Just Open The Bag, Place In A Pan And Fill It With Your...
  • Also Suitable For Microwaving, Re-Heating, Boiling, Freezing And Storing...
  • No Need for Extra Fat -The Meats are Continually Basted in Their Own Juices
  • Keeps Oven Clean For Easy Cooking And Clean-Up

These bags are not very big but you can fit any kind of veal meat, beef briskets or similar just perfect. It is actually my number one choice for medium size meats.

In general, veal is more expensive than regular beef, so you should pay extra attention when cooking, and not just any bag will do for that reason. That’s why I try to use the ROASTABAGS; you don’ need any additional basting for browning. Self-basting is the ultimate method when you are trying to cook a juicy meat. It means recirculating the food’s juices inside the oven bag. You can keep all the nutrients inside the cooking environment for a more flavorful and healthier meal.

Note that you can also use these bags in your microwave. They are good for boiling, storing, and freezing in addition to cooking.

Toastabags Self Basting Oven Bags, STD, Multicolor

Check on Amazon


  • 10 x 15.25 inches
  • BPA free – FDA approved
  • Safe up to 400°F

Do You Put Holes in Oven Bags?

If you pierce the oven bag with a fork or toothpick, then the excess steam can get out. This also keeps the bag from getting stuck on the food. You will still have plenty of steam left in the bag. So, you don’t have to worry; the meat will come out moist and juicy even when you make small cuts to the oven bag.

Why Do You Have to Put Flour in an Oven Bag?

Putting flour in oven bag prevents it from splitting. Fat and water at the bottom of the bag gets too hot and may cause the bag to break apart. So, to be on the safe side, just make sure you put a tablespoon of flour in the bag and shake well. You can also use cornstarch, potato or rice flour instead of wheat.

In Conclusion

Using an oven bag is the best way to prepare delicious meals without any cleaning hassle. Make your life easier for your daily cooking or for festive meals like Thanksgiving turkey. There is no reason to complicate things. You should stay away from all negative feelings while cooking on holidays. So, don’t be stressed about how the food will come out when the guests arrive, and instead use a few miraculous kitchen gadgets like an electric roaster oven, and practical oven bags. Cook delightful food conveniently while enjoying yourself at the same time. And appreciate the easy cleaning afterwards; oven bags keep your appliances and trays clean.

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