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The best sashimi knife is an essential for Japanese food enthusiasts and chefs alike. Sashimi is a Japanese delicacy that I enjoy dearly along with sushi. It needs to be sliced neatly with a unique technique to provide the best eating experience. Add some soy sauce and wasabi, and you are certainly in for an amazing journey. Whether it is made from fish or red meat, preparing sashimi and sushi requires a razor-sharp knife with a sturdy tang. The best part is that you can easily make some for yourself at home if you have one of the best sashimi sushi knives.

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If you are going to prepare some sashimi, there is no doubt that you would need a unique piece of equipment to cut raw fish evenly into thin slices, and that’s what we are going to explore today.

Here is an updated list for the best sashimi knives that I adore. Note that these knives are versatile; you can also use them for preparing many other foods besides sashimi and sushi.

Often, you will hear the word Yanagi when shopping for this kind of traditional blade. It is what Japanese name their all-purpose knife for making sashimi, sushi, and other food. Another feature you will notice that the material used in their production is mostly high carbon rather than stainless steel. This characteristic makes them extra sharp. In general, the core center of these blades is made from carbon to provide the extra thin edge. After all, you would need a very sharp chef’s knife to be able to cut perfect slices out of raw meat to prepare this Eastern delicacy.

KAI Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife — 8 ¼ Inch

Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch
  • Japanese style Yanagiba knife, used for slicing ultra-thin slices for...
  • Made with Daido 1K6 high-carbon, stainless steel for superior edge...
  • Unique, single-sided blade design, embellished with the Japanese character...
  • Blades are bead-blasted to an attractive finish, handle is sturdy, clean...
  • Dishwasher safe, hand washing recommended; Limited lifetime , made in Japan

Let me introduce you to my favorite sashimi knife that is produced by Kai, who also manufactures the popular Shun Cutlery. This sturdy and extra sharp knife is made by a 110-year-old Japanese company based in Seki City, Japan. So, you can trust that they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to all the traditional customs that are required for producing a high-quality sashimi knife. However, you are in for a big surprise to learn the exceptionally low-price tag of this superior blade. You don’t see kitchen tools that are such high-quality priced this low every day. It is truly the best of both worlds.

It is a single-sided blade design as all the Eastern type knives. In case, if you are wondering why the Eastern knives are single-sided, they are made this way to prevent food from sticking on them. Thanks to this feature and the extra sharp blade, I can cut ultra-thin slices when preparing sashimi effortlessly. Besides, the company used Daido 1K6 high-carbon, stainless steel to provide incredible edge retention. It has solid construction all over.

You must take good care of your sashimi and sushi knives if you want them to retain their sharpness and stay away from rust. Japanese specialty knives are made from carbon steel to be extra sharp. However, this makes them vulnerable to rust. Even though this knife is made from stainless steel, it is not the highest stainless steel you see in regular cutlery.

It is specifically made this way to be able to make the blade razor-like. The good news is that it will not get rusty if you dry it well after cleaning. Plus, this knife is dishwasher safe unlike most other sashimi and sushi knives. Just make sure it is completely dried when you remove from the dishwasher. This will extend its lifespan enormously.

In general, Japanese sashimi and sushi knives usually have wooden handles. It may be a good thing for most people, but I like the easy grip, flexible handles better. This one features a unique handle that is made from a polypropylene and bamboo powder blend. They also impregnated an antibacterial agent into the mix to improve the overall hygiene when you prepare food.

I also like the balance of this sashimi knife. You should know that not all knives are created equally. Some hurt your wrist and fingers when you work with them for long hours. This usually happens if they are not well balanced. However, this is never the case with Kai products as they pay special attention to the balance of their knives. Another benefit is that the chisel-grind is designed to fit well with both right and left-handed cooks. So, no worries if you are using your right or left hand.

Kai Wasabi Black Yanagiba Knife, 8 1/4-Inch

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  • Blade: 8 ¼ inches
  • Full length: 13.2 inches
  • Weighs 1.76 ounces
  • Bead-blasted blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in Japan

Cangshan J Series 62793 Japan VG-10 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife

Cangshan J Series 62793 X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife With...
  • Hand crafted knives Forged from 67 Layers of special formula Cangshan X-7...
  • Each blade goes through an (ultra6) stage heat treatment ensuring every...
  • Well balanced 5.5" handle and 12" blade with HRC 60 +/- 2 on the Rockwell...
  • Strong magnets are embedded into the edge of the Saya sheath to hold onto...
  • NSF International Certified. Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer...

This is a knife even a real Samurai would adore. I consider it a piece of art since it is handcrafted from the finest materials available. If you are serious about your sushi and sashimi, then this is your tool. It is true that this knife is a bit pricey. But trust me; this could be priced so much higher, and it would still be a great deal. I don’t use this every day because it is so cool and lovely. I know there are knives out there that are ten times more expensive than my Cangshan J, but I don’t think it lacks any feature compared to them.

For starters, it looks so beautiful that you can simply put it on the table and show off like a professional Asian Chef to your guests, even if you ordered the sushi online. It comes with a fancy walnut sheath that is made in Saya style. You get different blade size options, but this particular one that I am reviewing is 12 inches long.

Keep in mind that the wooden sheath is included for all sizes. If you are going the buy an exceptional knife like this, then I would suggest you get the biggest one as it gets easier to slice and cut the raw fish when the blade is longer. You will be surprised how thin you can slice with this amazing knife.

The handle is made from African Blackwood and it has a unique design. It is so efficient and attractive that the company even applied for a patent for its handy but minimalist design. You cannot really break this knife as it measures HRC 60 +/- 2 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. In other words, it is highly sturdy and durable.

The company states that this blade went through ultra-precise 6 stage heat treatment to improve hardness and overall quality. Cangshan J 62793 is made from Japanese VG10 steel. We are talking about steel that is even harder than German steel. Core of the blade is made from carbon steel, and the sharpness degree is 16.

Please do not wash this outstanding knife in the dishwasher as you would ruin it completely. Get some mild detergent or soap, and wash thoroughly with hot water. It is important to dry it fully afterwards in order to maintain its excellence.

Cangshan J Series 62793 X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife With...

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  • Blade: 12 inches
  • Full length: 20 inches
  • Weighs 1.6 ounces
  • Heat-treated
  • Handwash only
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Made from Japanese Steel
  • Includes wooden sheath

Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife

Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife with...
  • Razor sharp, high-carbon, stain-resistant German steel resists rust,...
  • Single-edge blade is taper ground with a fine stone finish
  • Offered with a traditional wood handle
  • Hand wash knives for blade edge and surface care
  • Razor sharp high carbon, stain-free German steel

This is another great sushi and sashimi knife that is more on the economic side of the price range. However, do not let this trick you to believe that it lacks quality since it is another practical Yanagi knife. I call this knife the smart chopper since it makes it fairly easy to chop and slice all kinds of foods. However, it works extra well on the vegetables.

Other features include the slip resistant santoprene handle that is easy to grip, and the stone tapered blade that is razor sharp. The material used is German steel that is not hard as Japanese steel but it resists to corrosion, rust, and discoloration. It is designed as a single-edge blade like most other Eastern knives. I think this Yanagi knife has a good balance, and it will allow you to slice paper-thin.

Hand wash only, it is not dishwasher safe. Intense heat in the dishwasher will deteriorate the knife fast. Dry well after each wash.

Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Yanagi Sashimi Knife with...

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  • Blade: 12 inches
  • Full length: 17 inches
  • Weighs 8.8 ounces
  • Single-edged blade
  • Handwash only
  • Limited lifetime warranty

NEGO Chef’s Knife – Sashimi Knife – 8 ½ Inch

Sashimi Sushi Knife- Nego Yanagiba Knife 8.5 Inch Sharp...
  • Professional Sashimi Sushi Knife: Classical Japanese-style sushi knife is...
  • Superior Razor Sharp Blade: This Carving knife is made of German High...
  • Non-slip Ergonomics Handle: Protective bolster and full tang design...
  • Multipurpose Sahimi Knife: Handle your daily kitchen tasks of chopping,...
  • Present Package & One Year Promise: Free refund or replacement during the...

This is a perfect sushi starter knife with full tang design. Decent size and price; it gives you all the necessary to slice raw meat neatly. Do not be surprised! It is a bit unusual to get a superior knife like this at this price range. First of all, it is even sharper than some of the highly priced items. Much like the Paudin above, it has 15° sharpness degree and cuts wonderfully. Also note that it is produced from German high carbon stainless steel that will resist rust or corrosion. However, you should not wash in the dishwasher.

I like the fact that this knife is ergonomically designed from the handle to the edge of the blade. You get a well-balanced knife with comfortable grip handle. The heavy handle allows you to control and perform better. Do not forget the protective bolster and the triple rivets. It comes with a high-quality knife sharpener that has 4 different levels to choose from. Keep in mind that this set also makes for a perfect gift.

Sashimi Sushi Knife- Nego Yanagiba Knife 8.5 Inch Sharp...

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  • Blade: 8.5 inches
  • Full length: 15 inches
  • Weighs 15.2 ounces
  • Ultra-sharp
  • Handwash suggested
  • Free sharpener included
  • Lifetime warranty against defects or workmanship

PAUDIN Narrow Chef Knife of Slicing Sashimi — 8 Inch Carving Knife

PAUDIN Carving Knife, Sharp 8 Inch Slicing Knife, Premium...
  • IDEAL CARVING KNIFE: This meat carving knife designed utility and expertly...
  • ULTRA-SHARP BLADE: The slicing knife's blade is made from German 5Cr15Mov...
  • ERGONOMIC ABS HANDLE: With the ergonomic design, the premium ABS handle is...
  • HAMMERED PATTERN: The carving knives have hammered pattern and mirror...
  • RELIABLE QUALITY & SERVICE: This meat slicing knife arrives in a luxurious...

This carving knife is great for slicing and cutting meat. You can use it efficiently for preparing sushi, sashimi, and fillets. It comes in different sizes ranging from 5 to 7 inches. I believe the 8 inch is a good size to also use as a chef’s knife in the kitchen. It will allow you to cut, chop, mince, dice, and slice various foods efficiently. You can simply assume this as a narrower chef’s knife.

Paudin narrow chef knife is good for all kinds of food preparation not just sushi and sashimi.

The handle is ergonomic that is made from Pakka wood. You get comfortable and secure grip that makes your life easier when slicing meat and other food. Please note that the handle will not slip even when your hands are wet, and I think this is a good feature when working with an ultra-sharp knife like this one.

You will find out that the overall balance of the knife is perfect. It is made from 7 Cr17 HC German stainless steel. The blade has a curved design to make the cutting and peeling easier. Make sure you watch out your fingers since it is ultra-sharp; the sharpness degree of the blade is 15° and the Rockwell Hardness is 58.

Hand wash only, dishwasher not recommended. It comes in a luxurious gift box.

PAUDIN Carving Knife, Sharp 8 Inch Slicing Knife, Premium...

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  • Blade: 8 inches
  • Full length: 13 inches
  • Weighs 7.8 ounces
  • Ultra-sharp
  • Handwash only
  • Gift box included
  • 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee

What is the Best Knife to Cut Sushi?

A good sushi knife must have eastern style blade on it. These are only sharpened on one side so that the food that is being cut can be released easily. You need to be able to slice the fish, cut the vegetables and the roll efficiently in order to prepare the sushi easily. A quality sushi and sashimi knife will enable you to do perform these tasks flawlessly.

What is Sashimi?

Some people mix sashimi with sushi. They are both Japanese delicacies, but sashimi is consumed without rice in comparison to sushi. Usually, sashimi is thin slices of raw fish or horse meat that is eaten with soy sauce. People also mix sashimi with nigiri. They all include raw fish. Nigiri on the other hand, is a type of sushi that is made with a slice of raw fish and vinegar added rice ball.

Why is Santoku Knife Advantageous?

It is called three virtues because you can chop, mince, and dice with it. Santoku knives usually have scalloped edges. This helps to add air between the blade and the food to prevent any sticking issue. In the end, the food is easily released when cutting. Santoku knives are prefect for slicing meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits.

What is a Sashimi Knife Used for?

Sashimi knives are mainly used for slicing raw fish or meat for sashimi and sushi making. Sushi chefs are very fond of them, and the most popular ones are called Yanagi. However, these knives are versatile. That is why many European chefs also started to use them for slicing all kinds of food items to take advantage of the unique cutting abilities. Their sharp blade makes them advantageous to substitute as regular chef’s knives.

What is the Difference Between Western and Eastern knives?

The main difference between the western and eastern knives is that the latter is honed on one side only where the western knives are honed on both sides. Keep in mind that single side honing is advantageous when making sushi and sashimi since the food does not stick on the blade as much as the western style knives. In general, the eastern knives are made from carbon steel in the core. The best ones are made from Japanese steel that is harder than any other type of stainless steel available in the market.

In Conclusion

I am always on the look for extraordinary cutters since I am such a big fan of quality chef’s knives. They can take a lot of burden out of your daily food preparation tasks in the kitchen. Sashimi and sushi is best prepared with a Japanese type chef’s knife called Yanagi. It is narrower than a regular chef’s knife but much sharper when it comes to slicing raw meat. Indeed, you have to be very careful not to hurt yourself when using one of these. In my opinion, the most economical and high-quality sashimi and sushi knife is Kai Wasabi Black Sashimi knife. It is a perfect balance between sharpness and durability. However, if you are looking for a really fancy sashimi knife, then you might want to opt for the Cangshan J Series 6273 that comes with a wood sheath.

Cangshan J Series 62793 X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife With...

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