Best Thanksgiving Turkey Lifter Serving Set – Lift me up forks

Who does not like Thanksgiving Day? Well, I don’t think I like any other day as much as thanksgiving, even more than my birthday. I am not going to start with all the clichés about how wonderful it is to gather all the family members around the table and so on. Number one reason for my Thanksgiving Day love comes from the simple fact that I like roasted turkey too much; family and other fun stuff is great too. Plus, I don’t have to work that weekend; so, it is a perfect combination!

You need all the necessary tools for making perfect turkey roast on Thanksgiving Day, and stainless-steel lifter forks are one of them. It is no longer a challenge to lift and move the whole turkey to the platter.

Thanksgiving Turkey Lifter Serving Set


Thanksgiving Turkey Lifter Serving Set, Roaster Poultry...
  • Set of 2 Stainless Steel Turkey Lifters with Long handles and 4 sharp...
  • Ideal for lifting Thanksgiving turkeys and roaster meat, Beef, Lamb, Pork,...
  • Nice kitchen tools for get turkey meats out of the roasting pan or oven to...
  • Kitchen forks applied to outdoor barbecue also could be claws more than...
  • Crafted by food grade 304 stainless steel,easy to use and storage

Once you cook your turkey well and juicy, then you need to have a plan to lift it up wisely. Stainless steel turkey lifters are the best choice for that reason. Silicone versions are not quite the same and neither functional because you need to lay them under the bird while it is cooking. The handles of the mats or wire racks get sticky that way; these forks are great to keep your hands free of turkey juices. I just don’t like to cook my food on silicone regardless of how safe it is. Silicone mats are great for cookies but not with turkey and other roasts which take hours to be done.

I use these stainless-steel forks for both turkey and chicken. However, they are also perfect for taking out roasts from the barbecue grill. Especially if you are making delicious beef chuck roast. You can turn over the prime rib or ham easily. Remember, these lifter forks are your metal claws to pick up any large meat properly. I always thought that the guy who came up with the Wolverine metal claws was probably using these too much.

Regular silicone mats or wire racks with handles allow you to lift the turkey, but these stainless-steel lifters are also useful for another reason; cutting and slicing the meat properly. It doubles as thanksgiving carving fork. The sharp prongs make the process much easier since the meat never slips away. You can put on a show for your guests.

Slicing the turkey with style using these forks and a carving knife makes you look like a chef from a French restaurant. However, I suggest not to get carried away too much since there have been times that I looked more like the chef from the Muppets show.

Thanksgiving Turkey Lifter Serving Set, Roaster Poultry...

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You should shop wisely and always look for long handles when selecting turkey lifter forks. This is because you need to have a good grab in order to use them efficiently while handling the smoking hot turkey or chicken. They can help you lift any size of meat if you do it right, and without tearing or damaging during the transport.

Here is a great tip that I discovered over the years and after dropping a few birds right on the floor; aim for the breast area of the turkey or chicken from the sides, I tend to stick the forks gently with an angle, and I get a very stable lift that way. Don’t use the forks like a spatula or tong; you should stick them into the bird for them to function well. You can transfer the hot turkey from the oven to the cutting board all safely with this technique.

Cleaning is simple and no hassle; I throw them into the dishwasher once I am done, and they look like new. Plus, washing them by hand is not a good idea since they are extremely sharp and should be kept away from children.


  • 3 x 1.2 x 4.4 inches
  • Weighs 3.2 ounces
  • Stainless-steel material
  • Dishwasher safe

Are Smaller Turkeys Better Tasting?

Smaller turkeys definitely come out more tender. I always suggest cooking two regular size birds instead of struggling with a huge bird if you have a lot of guests coming by. Plus, I get to switch the spices and make two different flavored turkeys on the same table so that the guests can enjoy more variety. Using a frozen or fresh turkey makes no difference taste wise if you ask me.

Remember to defrost the turkey fully before you start cooking if it is a frozen one. Otherwise, it will not cook well and the frosty turkey is very slippery and hard to handle for spicing up. Besides, cooking frosted meat without bringing it to room temperature is dangerous and unhealthy.

What Do I Put On Top of Turkey Before Cooking?

In general, you have two options for browning the turkey. You either rub melted butter all over and also between the skin and the breast meat, or brush olive oil. Both options make it look very delicious. However, I have another trick for you; I rub clarified butter before I put it in the oven, and then brush with olive oil and warm honey water right after it comes out and while it is still hot. Add 1 tablespoon of honey into half cup of warm water and stir to blend well.

Should You Put Water in Turkey Roasting Pan?

It is really not a good idea to put water in the roasting pan while cooking turkey. You can do so while roasting beef, but turkey meat is different than most other pieces of meat. It will make up its own juices. That’s why we make gravy from its natural drippings.

In Conclusion

Treat your precious holiday turkey the right way with the stainless-steel lifter forks. Keep it in one piece while transferring it to the cutting board or the platter. The sharp prongs pierce the meat and work as anchors to prevent it from slipping. It is no longer a struggle to move the whole heavy turkey this way. These forks work flawlessly with any large meat cuts whether it is lamb, beef, pork, turkey or chicken; simply the best tool for picking up extra size roasts.

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