Bountiful Entrée Salad

Several years ago I discovered and prepared Steak Supper Salad by Second Round Tea-Time at the Masters. It is a complete, beautiful meal my entire family enjoyed.  We have had several unseasonably warm days recently, and I have been waiting for the perfect day to make a version of this salad.

The original recipe called for marinated flank steak marinated 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Marinated flank steak is fabulous in this salad. Marinated tri-tip would also be delicious. Our perfect, beautiful day arrived, and we quickly prepared a grilled steak seasoned with pepper and garlic salt rather than taking the time to marinate beef. This salad certainly does not have to remain a steak salad. It would be delicious with any number of meat choices such as chicken, ham, salmon, halibut or marinated tofu. I think the brilliance of this salad is the combination of cooked and fresh vegetables served cold with the tangy mustard vinaigrette along with your choice of meat.

Since first trying this recipe, the year-round produce options at our local grocer have multiplied. Part of the fun of creating this salad is choosing the beautifully colorful vegetables. Our potato choices are not just white, red or sweet; they now include purple. I used Green Giant Klondike Medley of small fingerling potatoes of various colors including purple. The array of prepared mixed greens and herbs also adds additional delicious flavor and color.


Bountiful Entrée Salad

2 Lbs. Steak such as Ribeye, New York Strip, Fillet (or the meat of your choice)

2 Lbs. Potatoes, small red or fingerling

1 Lb. Fresh Asparagus

1 Lb. Fresh Green Beans

1 Red Bell Pepper

1-5oz. Container of mixed Herbs and Greens

1 Head of Romaine Lettuce

1 Tbls. Olive Oil

¼- ½  Tsp. Salt

¼ Tsp. pepper

Toss to coat the potatoes with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place on baking sheet in a 400˚ oven. Roast until slightly softened, about 30 minutes. Remove from oven and cool in the fridge. Slice before adding to the salad.

Season the steak with garlic salt and pepper and place on a hot grill to sear. Cook to preferred doneness. Set aside to rest and cool slightly. Trim any fat and slice thin.

To prepare the asparagus, cut off and discard the bottom third and place remaining asparagus in cold water to rinse. Add the asparagus to a pan of boiling water on the stove. We prefer asparagus lightly crunchy; therefore, we cook it for 2 -3 minutes only. Please cook to the desired doneness. Remove from water and immediately place in ice water to cool and stop the cooking process. Prepare the fresh green beans by trimming the ends and rinsing in cold water. Add the beans to the pan of boiling water and cook for approximately 10 -20 minutes or desired doneness. Remove from water and place in ice water to cool and stop the cooking process. Remove the beans and asparagus from the ice water when cooled. Dry and if you prefer, cut into bite sized pieces.

Wash and remove the stem and seeds from the red pepper. Slice into very thin strips. Trim the root end off of the romaine lettuce and discard. Rinse, dry and cut into bite sized pieces. Toss with the prewashed herbs and greens.

Build your salad with your prepared ingredients, toss if you prefer and serve with the mustard vinaigrette.

Mustard Vinaigrette

2 Tbls. Dijon Mustard or Champagne Mustard (I used Champagne Dill)

2 Tbls. Stone Ground Seeded Mustard

¼  Cup White Wine Vinegar

2 Tbls. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

¼ Tsp. Pepper

Enjoy creating this beautiful meal! Comments? Questions? We would love to hear from you!

Barbara Deraas

Barbara Deraas

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Barbara Deraas

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