Bread Slicers Tips: Do not Squish Your Bread

Do not squish your bread while slicing, as using a bread slicer significantly helps to obtain even slices with desired thickness. Some people mainly start a war with their breads when they attempt to slice. However, bread is your friend and you should be kind. Calm down and get a serrated bread knife and a guide.

Bread is best sliced with a sawing motion. The only thing you have to do is to move the knife back and forth all the way to the length of the blade. If you press too much on the bread, then it would eventually get squished.

When Should You Slice Homemade Bread?

Be patient and let your bread cool down completely. I know it is hard to resist the smell of hot bread that just came out of the oven. But it is necessary for the bread to release the humidity inside before you try to slice it. I personally don’t touch my bread at least an hour passed after it’s baked. İf you are really in a hurry then you can slice it after you cool it for 30 minutes.

How Do You Slice Bread Perfectly?

You need two handy kitchen tools for slicing your bread perfectly; a serrated bread knife and a good quality bread slicer. Making even thin slices is not a dream and it can be your reality too if you use the right technique.

The serrated bread knife is a special tool made especially for slicing fresh bread neatly. It has a sawtooth design on the edges. These serrations help you to apply more pressure without even pressing hard. Regular straight edge knives are no good for slicing bread, don’t even try.

The bread slicer is a guide usually made out of wood with slots where you can put your bread in and make even slices easily. You can slice bread perfectly when you cut with a serrated knife and a bread slicer.

A serrated bread knife and bread slicer are particularly useful for slicing bread that is dense and sturdy, such as the type of bread considered as the best bread for panini.

How Do You Use A Bread Slicer?

It is pretty simple to use a bread slicer. Put your bread on the flat surface of the slicer and hold it down lightly. You can adjust the thickness on some models by moving the guides. If your bread is too soft then turn it upside down. Get your serrated knife out and start slicing slowly. The same principle applies as using a saw for cutting wood. You move it back and forth, that’s all there is to it. You should get perfect slices especially if your bread is cooled enough.

Why Should You Buy A Bread Slicer?

Bread slicer is a must have if you are baking your own bread at home. You spend so much time and effort while baking it why ruin while cutting? It deserves to be sliced evenly so you can serve your precious bread to anyone you like. Bread slicers are also good if you store your bread in bags. You can slice after it cools down and store it in fridge or bread bin for later use.

How Do You Clean A Bread Slicer?

Use a damp cloth to wipe the bread slicer. Dip the cleaning cloth in soapy warm water and wrung. Wipe all parts thoroughly. After you are done, wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not air dry it. Check your manual for care and maintenance instructions.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bread Slicer?

You should wipe the bread slicer with a clean dry cloth each time you use it. Do not leave the crumbs in the crumb holder tray. And wipe the bread slicer with a soapy cloth and warm water at least once a week and dry immediately.

Who Invented the Bread Slicer?

Some inventions just change the whole world and bread slicer is one of them. We all owe it to Otto Frederick Rohwedder who invented the first bread slicer in Iowa, United States in 1912. He had a real bad luck and the first equipment got lost in a big fire. The actual working bread slicer came into use in 1928 and since then we are all making crazy sandwiches. It would best if we name the most famous sandwich in the whole world as Otto although sandwich was found by Mr. Sandwich (Earl of Sandwich) in 1762. And he only found the sandwich so that he can get along with his poker game, did not have time for lunch!

In Conclusion

You can cut uniform bead with the help of a bread slicer. It is a compact tool but saves your bread from getting messy. Slicing without one is extremely difficult especially if you are cutting soft bread. You also need a long-serrated bread knife when using a bread slicer. It is also perfect for loaf cakes. Though you still have to be careful while cutting with a bread slicer, keep your fingers to yourself.

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