Meat Pastry – Fatayer

Years ago my Grandmother Sarah prepared a small collection of her favorite recipes from which several cousins created a treasured cookbook for all of our family to enjoy. As I opened her cookbook recently, right there on page five was her recipe for fatayer or meat pastry. Welcome to my home as I share my … Read more

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Pizza is a perfect gathering food. It’s simple, fun and honestly, who doesn’t love it?  Invite your friends over to make pizza and share a little pizza love. You don’t need a reason other than enjoying each other’s company. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy the process of cooking together. I recently hosted a … Read more

Meat Injector Marinade Recipe

So, you have a meat marinade injector. What should you actually inject into your meat? I’m going to give you a few ideas. Injected marinades can accomplish several things. They can help maintain moisture, tenderize and add flavor. I assembled a little family tasting party in order to prepare a thoughtful marinade recipe for you. … Read more