Essential Electric Roaster Oven Accessories

An electric roaster oven is the perfect solution for cooking those essential, delicious holiday meals, but handling one, cleaning it, and making sure that the roast comes out in one piece can be somewhat of a challenge. That is why we have put together a list of the best accessories that you will need to get the most out of your electric roaster.

These are all items that you may not have even known existed, but they do and they will make your life that much easier. For example did you know there is a line of roaster liners that will make cleaning the roaster as simple as throwing out a bag? And did you know you could easily double check the temperature of the roast so that you do not have to cook it by weight and risk making it too dry by overcooking.

Well, we did our homework on all of these accessories so you do not have to worry too much about them. We already chose the best in each category, by making our own comparisons but also by looking at what other regular people thought about them so you do not have to worry about that. So here are our top electric roaster accessories that will make your holiday preparations a breeze.

Best Roaster Liners

PanSaver Electric Roaster Liners, 1-pack (2 units)

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Perhaps the most brilliant roaster accessory we have seen so far is the set of liners from PanSaver. They allow you to protect the roaster while cooking so, once the roast is done, you can just throw away the protector and you are done with the cleaning process. And there are significant advantages to the roast itself. For one, because the roast does not come into contact with the metal so the moisture in the meat will not evaporate. Also, because the meat does not come into contact with the metal, it does not stick so you are not wasting a single ounce of goodness.

Finally, because older pans tend to develop small spots of rust, or even bacteria growth, the PanSaver liners help protect your family’s health by isolating the food from those potential dangers. And if you are worried about what looks like a piece of plastic you should know that the PanSaver uses a high temperature resistant material that is also FDA certified, NSF approved, KOF-k certified and produced in an iso-9001 environment. Basically that means there is nothing safer to cook your roasts in than this particular product.

Best Roast Lifters

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No products found.

Second big problem that there is a smart solution for is how you can get the roast out of the roasting pan without damaging. There are all sorts of prongs and spoons that actually tackle this problem but we believe we have found the best. They are the RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Turkey Lifter. They are made of stainless steel so you will be able to enjoy these things for many years to come. They have very long handles and, unlike usual carving forks, they have 4 well spaced prongs. That means they will help you get an excellent grip on your steak without tearing it to pieces while you are lifting it. That is because the weight of the steak is spread out over 8 prongs, you get 2 lifters, so 4 times as many support parts as you would usually get from a carving fork. And the other great thing is that the lifters can also double as carving forks as well.

So, are there any disadvantages to the RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Turkey Lifter?

Well, as is the case with anything piercing the roast, you will be losing some of its moisture through every one of the 8 spots were the prongs will enter the meat. However, the trick here is to let the roast rest, once it is out of the oven for at list a quarter of an hour, although half an hour would be even better. After that the juices inside will coagulate and become part of the meat. So, as long as you plan ahead, there is really no downside and no better product than the RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Turkey Lifter.

Best Cooking Thermometers

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No products found.

One of the advantages that we talked about when we were looking at the best electric roasters on the market was that they allowed you to cook your meat without having to make any checks during the cooking process. That is still true!

However, if you want to really get the most out of your turkey dinner or your pot roast, or whatever else you may be cooking, a thermometer can really make a huge difference. It does not really count if you like your steak done or well done, but if you like it rare or medium rare, a thermometer will help you make sure that you stop the cooking process precisely when the inside of the roast reaches your desired temperature.

Don’t misunderstand this! The electric roaster can get you pretty close to the precise temperature you will need, but a thermometer will get you that much closer and the Habor Digital Cooking Thermometer is the perfect tool for that. We have chosen it as our favorite option because it has an LCD screen, so you can read it easier and get the temperature right within a tenth of a degree. It also has an instant read function that means you can take the temperature of the roast within seconds and thus minimize temperature loss inside the pot. Finally, we love the anti corrosion treatment that they added over the stainless steel layer. That is because the high temperature in which the thermometer will be used, coupled with the fact that it is done left unused for several months sometimes, means that it will have a tendency to rust. These 2 layers of protection mean, again, that you will get to enjoy your thermometer for many months to come.


An electric roaster is really the only thing you need to have a good holiday dinner ready for your family. However, if you want an exceptional dinner, you should really take advantage of the little bit of help these accessories will grant you. You have the thermometer that helps you take the meat out at just the right moment, the lifters that will help you get the steak on the dinner table in one, gorgeous piece, and the liners that will make cleaning afterwards that much easier. Even together they do not cost that much and they will certainly make a huge difference while you are cooking.

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