Get an Air Fryer Not a Heart Attack; Best Air Fryer Models and Tips

Air fryer lets you get your crispy treats without a heart attack. You no longer have to pump your veins with chemicals and refined fat to get those delicious fried treats. Who does not like fries? They taste so good that you could probably eat anything fried. Well, not everything maybe, but think of all the food you like: French fries, doughnuts, churros, onion rings, fried chicken, and more. Billion-dollar fast food companies all got rich based on these crispy delicacies because they taste so good and everyone loves them. Now, you can get all that goodliness without the terrible side effects of fried fat.

If you don’t have the time to read our review, you can jump ahead and go directly to Amazon, to buy an air fryer. Here is a list with the air fryers that we have reviewed and recommend.

Use Air Instead of Oil

Air fryers replace hot air with oil. Their temperatures can go up to 204°C/400°F depending on the brand. They cook food by circulating hot air and you can enjoy your fried food with little to no oil added.

Zero Guilt Crispy Food

Anything cooked in a lot of oil and grease at high temperatures will make you sick in the end. Fried food is usually a deadly combination of salt and fat (replace sugar with salt for sweets). Air-fryers are low-fat-diet friendly, so you can consume your favorite fried food without guilt.

Air Fryer vs. Deep Fry

Cooking Method

Calories Fat


(harmful compound)

Deep Fry

High High High

Air Fry

Low Low

But you should also keep in mind that too much of anything is harmful for your body and you should not eat fries 10 times a day just because they are air-fried. An air fryer is an oil-less cooker that used up to 80%-90% less fat compared to old school deep fryers. Best health choice for fighting bad cholesterol. Do not give up on delicious fries, give up on oil! Cooking time is much faster when compared to the conventional oven and your dishes will be tastier and crispier, especially the no-oil fries.

Best Air Fryers for Your Money

When air fryers first came out, they were not this efficient. Now, they are extremely useful. They come with dishwasher safe baskets, cooking presets, recipe books and are able to cook anything from steak to desserts. Here goes a list of top 3 air fryer models with distinct options that we recommend.

Cosori Air Fryer – 5.8 Qt Electric Hot Air Fryer

Easily serve food for 3-5 people with this handy chef in your kitchen. It does not matter if you are cooking meat, seafood, or veggies; there are 11 presets to select for frozen foods, steak, seafood, poultry, shrimp, bacon, fries, desserts, bread, etc.

What I Like the Most About Cosori Air Fryer?

It has 2 great options that most other air fryers do not have; shake reminder and preheating. Shake reminder lets you know when to shake your food while cooking so that they come out evenly fried. Preheating on the other hand definitely improves food texture and color and it only takes a few minutes (2 to 5).

Designed for the health conscious, Cosori air fryer is highly practical thanks to the tap and go digital screen. You just hit the button and no need to watch out, super easy. Main difference of this high capacity air fryer is that it can take much more food compared to round models. We are talking better ergonomics all over. This air fryer was designed in sunny state California and has a special angle to provide better viewing. Removable dishwasher safe basket makes cleaning so easy.

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  • 11 Cooking presets
  • Led digital touchscreen
  • Nonstick basket
  • Preheat option and shake reminder
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • Overheat protection
  • 100 Recipes cookbook
  • 85% less fat
  • 8 Qt
  • 2-year warranty
  • 1700 watt
  • Comes in 3 colors

Super Deal 1500W Electric Air Fryer with Detachable Basket Handles

This compact air fryer comes with dual airflow technology. It is just great for grilling, frying, baking, and roasting healthy food fast with almost no fat. It is very convenient too, serves food for up to 4 people. For safety reasons, the fryer only starts to work when the detachable basket is in its place securely. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. Other non-removable parts are easy to clean with regular detergent wiping with moist cloth, never gets oil sticky or greasy.

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  • Nonstick basket
  • Dishwasher safe basket, easy to clean
  • Easy to use knobs for heat settings
  • Adjustable time and temperature controls
  • 80% less fat
  • 7 Qt
  • 2-year warranty
  • 1500 watt

T-FAL FZ700251 ACTIFRY Oil Less Air Fryer

Here is another great healthy alternative to harmful deep frying. This air fryer has a patented system which optimizes the hot air flow for evenly cooking. T-fal Actifry also has a unique stirring palette feature which allows to cook food evenly. And with this feature there is no need for a shake reminder since everything cooks evenly. Easy to use and handles food up to 2.2 lbs. / 1kg at one time.

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  • Nonstick basket – ceramic coated
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • 38 Recipes cookbook and measuring spoon
  • Transparent lid, secure for splatter-free cooking
  • Odor filter
  • Cooking capacity 1 kg / 2.2 lbs. – 4 portions
  • 3% Fat – 1 tablespoon
  • Stirring palette for even cooking
  • 1400 watt

Tips and Tricks for Using an Air Fryer

Here are some useful tips when using your air fryers.

What oil is best for air fryer?

You can use pretty much any edible oil with your air fryer but some makes for better dishes. Number one on the list is light olive oil, it is definitely healthier and tastier and also works great with any air fryer.

Best oil to use with your air fryer:

  • Olive oil (light)
  • Grapeseed
  • Avocado
  • Canola
  • Sunflower

Are all air fryers the same?

Air fryers differ on basket capacity, heating temperature, and preset options. Some air fryers like Cosori Air Fryer comes with preheating and shake reminder options while T-Fal Actifry has its own patented stirring palette and heat system for evenly cooking. You should check for extra handy options while selecting because each one has different selections. But food wise, they cook almost anything; meat, fish, poultry, veggies, and of course the crispy French fries.

What is the best air fryer on the market?

It depends on what you cook most. I would prefer T-Fal Actifry for frying potatoes but if you are after whole meals with meat and seafood then Cosori has larger capacity and really good preset options which makes your life easier. Super Deal air fryer is very handy too and serves up to 4 people.

Can you put aluminum foil in the air fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil and baking paper in air fryers, but always be safe and check your air fryer’s manual first to see if it is compatible. You can use it at the base but do not to cover the whole bottom completely since it may block the hot air circulation. And if you are covering the food completely like aluminum foil wrapped whole potatoes then try to cover it all over to enable even cooking. Make sure you put food on the aluminum foil, it might fly out and block the air circulation.

Why do air fryers smoke so much?

Sometimes white smoke comes out of air fryers during cooking. This is usually because the food you are cooking has too much fat. You can add water underneath the basket (in the drawer) to prevent this. It keeps the fat cool so it does not make white smoke.

Can you use an air fryer without the basket?

You can use air fryer without a basket but only use oven safe pans. your air fryer. Some people tend to use air fryers with their grill pans but it depends on the size. Not all pans would fit if your air fryer is small. In larger versions you can even fit a medium sized pizza.

How do I keep food from drying in my air fryer?

Best way to keep food from drying in air fryer is to marinate them with sauce. For example, skinless chicken will dry out easily if you do not apply any sauce before you cook them in the air dryer. This happens because there is too much air circulation inside. If you put food that is already too dry then do not expect it to come out wet unless it is very fatty. You can grease a little oil on them or apply tasty sauces.

How do I keep food from sticking in an air fryer?

It is easy, just get a paper towel and dip into some light olive oil. Rub the air fryer’s basket with the oiled paper towel and make sure all spots are covered. Your food will no longer stick.

Why does fried food taste good?

Refined fat is the best magician; it increases the odor and flavor when fried by releasing heated chemicals into air. You start eating before you get your first bite, just take a deep breath. That is why it smells so good when you pass down your favorite fast food joint. Also, the food absorbs too much fat and gets loaded with calories but taste better.

Air fryers save the earth; never pour grease down the drain!

Consider this, fried fat in drains is terrible for all of our seas and the living fish inside. In some developed countries, there are regulations to separate oil used in frying from going down the kitchen sink. For example, in California, fried food servers are obliged to implement a system to separate grease from their wastewater. But you do not have one of these in your home. And trust me, there are more people frying at home than fast food chains on earth; polluting our seas and killing everything inside. Just another reason to use oil-less electric air fryers.

In Conclusion

You should get an air fryer because we all know that fatty foods taste so good. Instead of fighting an impossible to win war against these delicious treats, you can go ahead and enjoy the same taste without the bad side-effects of fried fat. Keep your heart and veins healthy, you need them!

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