How to Roast a Perfect Prime Rib in an Electric Roaster Oven

When it comes to holidays or a special occasion, the prime rib is the ultimate head turner. Also called a standing rib, the prime rib is cut from the back of the upper rib section of the animal, which includes the most tender parts. That’s why you don’t want to mess things up when cooking since its price tag is a bit fancy. Electric roaster ovens are so convenient and effective to cook meat while preserving its juices and flavors. Therefore, prime ribs are another perfect fit with the roaster ovens just like the Thanksgiving turkey and ham.

You will sure impress your family and friends if you follow the steps below for an amazing prime rib roast. The meat itself is so flavorful and tender that you don’t really have to add much, but create the necessary cooking environment. And guess what, don’t even worry about that either since the roaster oven gives you all that and more for roasting perfect prime ribs.

How Much Prime Rib Do I Need Per Person?

One pound of raw prime rib is generally enough per person. It weighs around half a pound when it is cooked. You can either get a 3 or 4-bone portion when buying, because it usually comes with 7 ribs in that area. The 3-bone portion will be enough for up to 6 adults, and the 4-bone portion will be enough for about eight to ten people. You can decide how much you would need according to your guest list.

Perfect Prime Rib in the Roster Oven – Step by Step Guide

Prime rib is a classic cut and deserves all the attention it gets since the taste is incredible. It only comes second to filet mignon, which comes from the tenderloin. This meat is so tasty by itself that adding salt and pepper is more than enough for seasoning purposes.

Here’s all the information you need to cook it with the roaster oven:

Step 1: Boneless or bone-in? Your butcher is going to ask if you want your prime rib boneless or bone-in. This is the part that most people get confused, but it is fairly easy to decide actually. Bones indeed insulate the meat during cooking, which makes the meat more flavorful in the end. However, it is a hassle to carve them afterwards.

There is a quick solution for this; ask your butcher to cut the bones, and then tie them back to the meat. All you need to do is to cut the strings once the meat is cooked, then you can start carving the boneless meat right away.

Step 2: It is always a good idea to keep the prime rib in the fridge for 24 hours after you season it. But if you are in a hurry, then at least keep it for a minimum of 2 hours. 

Before you start to season, make sure to blot the prime rib with paper towel to get rid of extra moisture. Then add salt and freshly ground black pepper all over the surface. 

I know some people rub butter or add other spices, but trust me, it is completely unnecessary. Prime rib already has enough fat in it, we are not roasting turkey here. If you exaggerate with other herbs and butter, then you are going to lose the original flavor of the meat. 

Step 3: Take the prime rib out of the fridge and let it come down to room temperature. Put it on the rack that comes with the roaster.

Step 4: Preheat your electric roaster oven to 450°F (8-10 minutes). Put the meat inside the oven once it is ready.

Step 5: Attach the meat thermometer to the center of the prime rib, away from the bones. Here is a quality meat thermometer if you don’t have one. It is a crucial gear for making quality roasts. Otherwise, you will either undercook or overcook the delicate meat. It is difficult to figure out the doneness level without one.

Step 6: Close the lid and continue to cook on high (450°F) for 15 minutes in order to sear the meat. Then bring down the temperature to 350°F. Check out the cooking times below and calculate yours according to how you like your meat. Let the prime rib rest for at least 15 minutes after you take it out from the electric roaster oven.

How Long Can You Leave Prime Rib at Room Temperature?

Never start cooking the prime rib while it is still cold. You will not be able to cook it evenly if you do so. For best results, let it come down to room temperature. It usually takes around 2 hours for that.

How Do Restaurants Keep Prime Rib Warm?

Restaurants keep the meat warm at 150°F until they serve. You can use the very same ¨keep warm¨ technique with your electric roaster oven. Once the prime rib is rested for half an hour after you took it out of the oven, put it back in and adjust the temperature to 150°F. You can keep the prime rib warm like this until your guests arrive.

In Conclusion

Electric roaster ovens are exceptionally talented at cooking large pieces of meat. They keep the moisture in the cooking environment, and allow the meat to cook with its own juices. This immensely improves the flavor and tenderness of the final meat; you get restaurant-quality food at home. It is not possible to obtain these results with other kitchen appliances. Remember, roaster ovens are simply a portable and advanced alternative to your big size ovens. You can bake, roast, steam, and slow-cook in them with ease.

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