How to Steam Vegetables in a Rice Cooker

How to steam vegetables

While it is true that anything that a rice cooker can do, you can do without it, using one makes your life so much easier that you really should have one even if you only eat rice every other week. In fact, I am so excited about how much easier cooking dinner is, if you use a rice cooker, that I am sure, once you go through this article and watch the video below where I show you how to cook an entire dinner in just one go, you will start using your rice cooker more and more. In case you do not have one, check out the review article on rice cookers I have prepared for you here.

In this video you will see me using my favorite rice cooker, the Cuisinart CRC-400. I will not go into any details about it here because, as I have said, there is an entirely different article, where you can see the unboxing, read the review and even find alternative rice cookers by reading our comprehensive best small rice cooker review here.

As far as the recipe you see me putting together in the video is concerned, all you need is:

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  • 1 broccoli thoroughly washed and diced
  • 7 ounces of green beans
  • 2 or 3 carrots, pealed and sliced
  • 2 cups rice thoroughly washed


As far as the cooking process is concerned you can either watch the video or, if for some reason you cannot or do not want to watch it, scroll on down to read the actual steps for yourself.

Start by thoroughly washing the rice and letting it sit in the pot with 4 cups of rice while you get everything ready. Do not turn the rice cooker on, as the rice will taste better after a suitable period of soaking in cold water. Ideally it should be 30 minutes, but anything north of 10 will do.

Next get everything ready by washing the broccoli and the green beans and peal the carrots. I love the way the sweetness of the carrots compliments the flavor of the rice, so I am using 3 carrots, but if you are not that much into carrots, you may want to use just 2 or 1. Alternatively you could use any type of vegetable here. You could add some green and red bell peppers for a more colorful recipe. You could switch the broccoli with some cauliflower. You may even want to add some salmon, although if  you do, make sure to set it on the bottom of the steamer because it needs to be as close to the heat source as possible.

Now, you can turn on the rice cooker and here you have 2 options. The best way would be to wait until the water starts to boil and then quickly add in the steamer on top of the cooking rice. Obviously, this means you would have to stand by and wait for the rice to start cooking and you may want to pop in the shower while all this is going on, or simply start relaxing in front of a movie. So, option 2 is to simply put the steamer on top of the rice and let the cooking process begin. Your vegetables may get just that little bit over cooked, but they will taste just as good so no need to threat too much over that. Also, you may want to take the vegetables off the rice after about 10 minutes, if you like them nice and crunchy that is, or, again, you can simply forget about them, and just take them off when the entire cooking process is complete.

Once the cooking process is done – the on/off button will switch to the warm setting – you may want to leave the rice sit for another 10 minutes, or you can scoop everything on a plate and start eating right away.

Whatever you choice may be…




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