Sashimi Sushi Knife – Razor Sharp Fish Cutter

Sashimi preparation requires a razor-sharp knife for slicing and cutting raw fish with ease. Being a Japanese specialty, sashimi can best be made with eastern style one edged knives that are made out of high carbon steel. If you want also want to make great sashimi at home then you need this specialty knife to thinly slice those tasty fish effortlessly.

You should also know that any good quality sashimi knife will be amazing at slicing sushi, meat, vegetables, and fruits. They are extremely talented with just about slicing any kind of food.

Sushi and Sashimi

Some people tend to mix sushi and sashimi. They are both delicious and very heathy but there are some main differences between them.

Sashimi is an assortment of raw fish consumed with very slight touch of wasabi and soy sauce. Saltwater fishes like tuna and salmon are thinly sliced and served on shredded white radish (daikon). The fish used must be super fresh and exceptionally high quality. There is nothing that the sashimi chef can stand behind but the good taste of the raw fish. This is one food that you cannot play around with your custom-made sauce and spices. Serving style and the original fresh taste of the raw fish pretty much makes up the best sashimi dish. Also note that sashimi is sometimes made out of red meat too.

Most famous and interesting sashimi types:

  • Akami; dark red color tuna.
  • Sake; salmon.
  • Ikura; salmon caviar.
  • Fugu; scary, made out of poisonous fish.
  • Otoro; made out of best part of tuna.

Nigiri, which is always served in pairs to symbolize peace, is raw fish on top of hand formed ball of rice. It can be considered the bridge between a sushi and sashimi. The main difference between nigiri and sashimi is the addition of rice.

Sushi on the other hand contains rice seasoned with vinegar, seafood and vegetables. The most famous version, Maki rolls are wrapped with delicious seaweed called nori. This differentiation is also apparent in the knives used for these Japanese dishes.

What Is the Difference Between Sushi and Sashimi Knives?

First of all, you can use your sashimi knife for sushi making perfectly. You will love its capabilities. Both sushi and sashimi knives are remarkably sharp. But for sashimi you need a specialty knife that can slice raw fish skillfully. These knives are specifically made for slicing and sharpened only on one side.

Professional Sashimi Sushi Knife, 2/3 Tang Unbroken Soufull

My best choice when it comes to sashimi preparation; this premium knife can slice through those raw fish with almost no pressure. All you have to do is to hold it, aim and cut with minimum effort.

The single edged blade is razor sharp and you should take caution not to cut yourself. I would not recommend it for chopping since it is solely produced for slicing. Take my advice; get another knife for chopping and don’t wreck this precious piece of artwork.

It is hard to believe but this knife is at least two times harder than most other cutlery you own because it is made out of Japanese surgical grade stainless steel. It was measured 59-61 on Rockwell Hardness Scale. In other words, you can’t really break it down.

Especially designed out of unique materials to prevent any taste change when slicing raw fish. You will be amazed how easy to slice thin pieces of fish when you actually try it. The D-shaped wooden handle is ergonomic, chic and very comfortable. Most people look for full tang knives for better balance but this sashimi knife has superior balance with being double riveted. A specialty knife to be used for making sashimi, sushi, and rice roll.



  • Single-edged, razor sharp blade with 325 mm thickness.
  • Ergonomic, leather wooden handle – double riveted-durable.
  • Comes with a beautiful gift box.
  • Made of Japanese surgical stainless steel.
  • Length; 12.8 inch (32.6 cm)

The sashimi knife must be hand washed with gentle soap as it is the case with most professional cutlery. Do not put it in the dishwasher and take good care of it.

Is Sashimi Healthier Than Sushi?

They are both healthy foods and full of Omega-3 fatty acids and other useful minerals. Obviously, sashimi is better if you are on a low carbohydrate diet since it does not contain rice.

How to Eat Sashimi Properly?

The best way to enjoy your sashimi is to get your slice of fish, add a little wasabi and then soy sauce in the middle and fold into half. That’s it!

In Conclusion

Sashimi making requires special cutlery that is capable of razor sharpness and superb edge retention. You should be able to cut raw fish without using much pressure. Eastern style honed knives are known for their sharpness and durable performance due to their high carbon nature.

Keep in mind that you can also use these knives for cooking Mediterranean, French, Indian, Chinese and other dishes. They are simply the best at slicing anything you like. You can read our post where we review the best sharp knives for sushi.

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