SodaStream Carbonators: Never Run out of Bubbles Again

Get yourself an extra-large set of SodaStream carbonators and enjoy more homemade soda. The 60 L Double Set SodaStream carbonator makes up 120 one liter soda bottles. Now, that’s a lot of fresh soda. Either lightly carbonate your drinks or make them extra fizzy; it is time you make your bubbles the way you like them. If you are shopping for SodaStream bottles then you already know the fun and health benefits of making your own soft drinks.


The homemade soda industry is literally exploded. There are tons of new flavors emerging every day. It reached such a point that you can’t find the options offered by your soda machine in your local grocery store. How about some Sarsaparilla or Rhubarb Lavender? You can enjoy the carbonated water without flavor syrups too; add some fresh mint and a slice of lime for the best refreshment ever.

So many people are making their own sodas today. They are saving themselves from sugar and the world from pollution. SodaStream is the inventor and the industry leader when it comes to soda machines for homemade soft drinks. People drink more water thanks to this machine’s ability to turn ordinary water into a fun and exciting drink.

The 9 L version that comes free with most models can be small for some families. Also, if you are a heavy soda drinker then you might want to keep a spare cylinder close by. The double set 60 L Carbonators are the perfect answer for making many sodas. You can take one of them to refill while still enjoying the other one when you have two carbonators. They are compatible with all SodaStream sparkling water makers. Both the carbonator bottles and the carbonating plastic bottles can easily be mounted onto the machines by twisting.

SodaStream 60L Co2 Carbonator – Set of 2:


  • 2 x 2 x 12 inches
  • 51 pounds
  • Light weight aluminum
  • The CO2 cylinders are reusable
  • Each cylinder makes 60 one-liter bottles; the set makes 120 liters
  • When empty, take it back for exchange
  • Works with all SodaStream machines

Tantalizing and Refreshing Drink

It is just wonderful to be able to control the ingredients of your soda. You don’t have to worry about all the excess sugar and corn syrup in your drinks. Good health is priceless. If you have young kids at home then this will be their favorite kitchen tool ever. But most importantly you no longer have to tell them to cut down on sodas. You can have a sparkling day every day. Some models also have an option to adjust carbonation levels. This allows you to make your drinks as fizzy as you like.

Most SodaStream machines operate without electricity or batteries. They get the power from the carbonator cylinder. Jet Sparkling Water Maker is a good example for this type. You don’t have to be concerned about adding to the electric bill. So, it is good for your wallet too!

How Much Does A SodaStream Refill Cost?

The 60-liters refill price is around $15. Liter price per bottle of carbonated water is approximately $0.25 ($15/60L = $0.25). For exact prices, please check the online stores, or supermarkets. This is a very good price when compared with plain carbonated water at the grocery store. Some people refill their carbonators at paint ball stores to get better price but I am totally against this method. Some even hack their equipment with special adapters to directly use the paintball canisters. Don’t be so cheap and use food grade carbonators. It is really not expensive to use original carbonators when you think of all the side benefits of not buying regular soda from the store.

Benefits of Making Homemade Soda With A SodaStream Machine:

  • Easy to use and convenient
  • No need to buy bulky soft drinks from grocery stores
  • Healthy, fresh soda literally in seconds
  • Incredible flavor options (beats the grocery store)
  • No need to store soft drinks at home anymore
  • Less sugars and carbs compared to store bought soda
  • Recycle; environment friendly soda, no more plastic bottle waste

How Long Does the SodaStream Carbonator Last?

It depends on how much soda you consume on average but in general a 60 liter carbonator should easily last 6 to 8 weeks for a family of four. When you get the double set of 60 Liters then you are set for more than 4 months. So, it is not like you go out and refill these twice a week like you are filling up the gas tank in your car. Especially, if you get two from the 60 L double set then you can forget about refilling for a very long time.

How Do You Know When the SodaStream Gas Cylinder Is Empty?

The top button may stay down if the cylinder ran out of gas completely. Also, when you don’t see any gas flowing into your carbonating bottle then it means your SodaStream cylinder is empty. Another indication is that when you don’t hear the buzz sound after several presses to the top button. It is always a good idea to keep a spare carbonator at home. That’s why the double set of 60 L is convenient.

In Conclusion

SodaStream allows you to make amazing carbonated drinks at home. It beats every store when it comes to plain sparkling water price. However, I don’t think it is fair to calculate the per liter price of homemade drink and compare it against each local store. Because this machine provides so much more than that. First of all, it is designed to enjoy healthy drinks in the comfort of your home. Secondly, it is fighting a noble war against the terrible plastic bottle waste. The company states that even one SodaStream plastic carbonating bottle can reduce approximately 3,700 plastic bottles and cans per family. Can you show me another kitchen appliance that can do that? It is just an incredible gadget. Twist and lock your bottle in the compact SodaStream machine and prepare yourself a glass of refreshing bubbles in seconds.

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