Use Your Talented Electric Roaster Efficiently

Electric roasters are incredibly efficient and they can cook turkey and other meat like no other appliance can. The compact design is a brilliant solution to create moist. Food cooking inside the electric roaster creates its own steam. Moreover, they are also great for baking and slow-cooking, and even steaming vegetables if you like. A must have for any perceptive cook, the roaster adds a lot of flavor and structural quality to your food. They are also remarkably good looking to serve your food in it.

Now, if you don’t own an electric roaster yet, and you need more convincing, read our blog post where we review some of the best electric roaster ovens on the market.

What Can You Cook in An Electric Roaster?

Here is a list with some of the few dishes you can cook in a roaster:

  • Turkey
  • Stew
  • Ribs
  • Vegetables
  • Baked potato
  • Side dishes
  • Sweets

How to Use An Electric Roaster?

Electric roasters come in different sizes. If you are cooking turkey then you should consider a 18-22 Qt range capacity. They usually have self-basting lids to circulate the moisture. You do not really need any instructions; follow your recipe for preparing and seasoning your food then select the right temperature and close the lid. Electric roasters are super easy to use and very flexible. Great helper for big memorable occasions; your stove top burners and the conventional oven are free for other cooking.

Do You Put Water in Roaster?

No, if your cooking turkey; yes, if your cooking meat with sauce. It is not a good idea to put water in the bottom of your roaster when coking turkey. Water creates steam and it will burn it. Especially with turkey or similar, the skin will dry out before you can cook the inside. Electric roaster creates its own steam form the food cooking inside anyway, you do not need any extra. Add only if your recipe calls for it.

Can You Use A Roaster as An Oven?

You can use a roaster as an oven but you should keep in mind that the electric roaster is much smaller. The compact size enables the roaster to cook much quicker (20%-30% less time) with a lot less energy consumption.

What I like the most about the roasters is that the meat cooked in them will come out much moister. Your oven is trying to heat up a much larger space compared to a roaster when you are cooking. This leads to a dry environment. Roaster on the other hand is creating its own steam from the food since the space inside is very limited. So, if you like your meat juicy like me then you need an electric roaster; makes for a tasty, graceful Thanksgiving feast.

How Do You Keep Food Warm in A Roaster Oven?

Roasters are exceptionally good for keeping the food warm, just keep the temperature knob at 200°F (93°C). Also, try serving your food in a roaster, they are very decorative!

Can You Fry in A Roaster Oven?

It is not a good idea. If you are trying to deep fry in a roaster oven then you will ruin it. You can probably fry in the roasting pan but that’s like riding your bike in a horse race. So, either get a horse or a deep fryer and forget about this dilemma.

Can You Bake in A Roaster?

Roasters are good for a variety of cooking styles. You can bake in your roaster, just turn the dial to ‘bake’. Roaster functions similar to your oven but only more efficient and moister. You can bake cookies, and bread. Use aluminum foil for your cookies and a loaf pan for your bread.

How Do You Slow Cook in A Roaster Oven?

I suggest you preheat the roaster first by turning it really up (400°F -450°F) for about 15 minutes then turn the roaster temperature down to 200°F (93°C) and put your food in for slow cooking. If you are going to slow cook meat then season well and wrap it in aluminum foil for 24 hours in the fridge before you cook. Use a meat thermometer for ensuring the inside of the meat is cooked well.

What Temperature Is Low on A Roaster Oven?

You should lower your temperature and cooking time for a conventional oven recipe when cooking with a roaster oven. Otherwise you will certainly burn or overcook the food. 200°F (93°C) is low on a roaster oven and it is suitable for slow-cooking.

General temperature guide for an electric roaster:

Keep warm; 200°F – 250°F (93°C-120°C)

Slow cook; 250°F (120°C)

Roast; 325°F -375°F (160°C-190°C)

Steam; 400°F -450°F (200°C-230°C)

Does A Roaster Cook Faster Than an Oven?

Yes, roster oven cooks about 30% faster than a conventional oven. Traditional ovens are much larger compared to electric roasters, that’s why it takes longer to cook with them. Electric roaster uses energy way more efficiently because of the size advantage.

In Conclusion

Electric roaster ovens are extremely practical and it is not just the compact size we are talking about. It is true; they are small and they cook faster. You definitely save on energy. But you should also bear in mind that no conventional or convection oven can cook that juicy turkey like an electric roaster.

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