Which is the Best SodaStream? Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

The best model of SodaStream series is the Jet Sparkling Water Maker. There are some more expensive or compact versions but this one has all the necessary features. I love the freedom to make my own sparkling water just the way I like it. Aside from the money saving and healthy soda benefits of SodaStream machines; you also get a chance to save the earth. It is just wonderful to be able to do that only by changing the way you consume soda! One SodaStream bottle per family can save the earth from thousands of cans of bottles.

Here is a collection of the things you need to get you started with making your own soda water.

SodaStream machines are all practical and easy to operate. You can make the best carbonated water all by yourself. Jet Sparkling Water model is the only version that you can use the 130 L cylinders. This is crucial if you are planning to make a lot of soda. SodaStream One Touch is faster but operates with electric. Jet sparkling Water, on the other hand, does not require any electric and uses power from the CO2 cylinder. Just make sure the bottle comes with the equipment is BPA free whatever brand or model you get.

SodaStream Jet Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit

Now, let’s talk about the features of the best SodaStream machine in the market. This one is manufactured by the pioneers of soda making at home; SodaStream. The company basically started the homemade soda industry. SodaStream is the biggest sparkling water machine manufacturer in the world and operates in 45 countries. Jet Sparkling is the only SodaStream machine that is compatible with the 130L CO2 cylinders. Great for making high capacity carbonated beverage at home for large families.

You don’t need electricity or batteries to run this machine. It is light weight and well designed with fancy looks. Twist-lock technology is highly advanced in comparison to other models and performs better carbonation. It is super easy to operate; all you need to do is to twist and lock the carbonator bottle and press the top button. You can have quality sparkling water literally in a few seconds.

Most SodaStream water appliances include mail-in -rebate coupons for larger size carbonators (60L and 130L) inside the boxes. The good news is that SodaStream honors all mail-in-rebates even if their expiration dates are passed. This kit includes everything you need to make fresh homemade soda.



  • 10 x 5.5 x 17 inches
  • Weighs 4.93 pounds
  • Includes (1) 9L CO2 Carbonator
  • No electricity or batteries necessary
  • Compatible with multiple bottle sizes
  • Comes with 1L BPA-Free reusable carbonating bottle
  • Easy to operate with single press button

How Long Do You Press the Button on A SodaStream?

Pressing the button for 10 seconds is enough when you have a new SodaStream bottle. CO2 in the bottle gets decreased as you use it. Therefore, you need to press it a bit longer later on. If you don’t hear any buzz sound after several presses, then it means that the bottle is empty.

Sodastream 1L Carbonating Bottles – Black

You can get extra carbonator bottles to have more fresh soda at home. Once you start making your own soda then you won’t like commercial soft drinks. Eventually, you will need more of it and the best solution for that is to get more carbonating bottles.

These 1L bottles also work with all Sodastream models such as Fizzi, Source, and Jet. They last up to 2 years. Caps are hermetically sealed to retain carbonation for longer and all parts are BPA free.


OXO Good Grips Bottle Brush – 12¨ H

Oxo bottle brush helps you clean your soda carbonator and other bottles effortlessly. It is particularly designed for giving good scrub to hard to reach corners. A must have for cleaning bottles, carafes, pitchers, tall glasses and more.

The brush is called good grips for a reason; the handle is soft and made from non-slip material. You will realize that it does not even slip when the brush is wet. It is 12¨ long and the neck is very flexible and durable. Includes two kinds of bristles, stiff and soft for dual function. It will not damage your glassware; you can even use it for cleaning crystals and wine glasses without scratching. This deep-down cleaner brush is dishwasher safe and you can store it on a hook.


Is It Worth Buying A SodaStream?

You save on bottles as a start, but there is so much more into it. You should think of the long-term benefits to better understand how you save money when using a SodaStream machine. First of all, you need to buy flavored syrup if you are not using fresh ingredients at home. Remember you can only add your flavors after you make the carbonated water. Don’t try to substitute water with fruit juice or any other drink; you may damage the machine. It all comes down to how much soda you consume on a monthly basis. You also must focus on the health benefits of homemade soda and compare these with the long-time harmful effects of drinking soft drinks loaded with sugar and artificial colors.

Can you save money with a SodaStream? Well, let’s go over the advantages of having one and you be the judge:

  • You don’t have to store soda cans and bottles at home since you are making them fresh in seconds.
  • You don’t have to worry about plastic waste from the bottles anymore. This means less trash, and super-efficient recycling (Save the earth!).
  • Use your own tap water if you like.
  • You customize your own soda drinks; sky is the limit!
  • No batteries or electricity required to run the SodaStream machine.

If you are consuming soda often then this will definitely save money. However, you will also enjoy better tasting and healthy soda in the comfort of your home.

Is SodaStream Carbonated Water Bad for You?

SodaStream carbonated water has no harmful effects on your body. Plus, it helps to digest better which improves stomach and intestines health. Plain carbonated water is as good as water for your body. In the end, it is just water plus hair. However, you should not add too much syrup and sugar. The best part is that you can make your own recipes and don’t have to use corn syrup or caffeine at all. You can make syrup from regular sugar, stevia easily. Fruits contain enough sugar inside them, so adding some of your favorite fruit puree might also be enough. Flavoring and coloring a soda drink can easily be perfected with healthy ingredients at home. You must also remember the basic rule of a healthy diet; eating too much of anything will be harmful to your body. So, don’t drink homemade soda 24/7 and just enjoy it occasionally.

In Conclusion

Once you get yourself a SodaStream machine then you don’t have to buy pre-bottled soft drink ever again. It takes just a little practice to get used to making fresh soda at home with a carbonating appliance. You can make all kinds of drinks with special recipes. Also, most manufacturers provide over 100 ready flavors that you can add easily. This is a great solution to stay away from the artificial soft drinks.

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