Zelite Infinity Japanese Sushi Knife -The King of all Knives

It is just impossible not to get fascinated by the visually stunning and extremely sharp Japanese sushi knives whether you are just shopping for your first sushi knife or looking for a new addition to your professional cutlery. Ergonomic handles with super grip features and the razor-sharp carbon blade make slicing, cutting and chopping as easy as pie. There is no doubt that these knives will make a big difference with your cooking. You will be more productive and your dishes will look dazzling.

Sushi is a healthy food and you should definitely add it to your regular diet. The secret of making great sushi lies in selecting the best ingredients but using the right knife is also crucially important. Slicing nori or cutting fish fillets require talented cutlery and Japanese knives are made special for that purpose.

If you use a regular knife or an imitation one then there is a big chance that you will mess up your sushi and all your efforts and cooking will be ruined. If you want to have a look at a selection of sushi knives that we reviewed, you can read our post on best sushi knives for making the best sushi at home. However, you can continue reading here, and find out more about our winner for the best Japanese sushi knife for domestic use.

Japanese Knives and Their Characteristics

Japanese knives can be diversified on their honing styles in general; western and traditional. Most western knives are honed on both sides while the traditional Japanese knives are only honed on one side. Single side honing helps for making neat slices and a big plus when preparing sushi.

There are too many varieties like santoku, usaba, deba, or yanagiba just to name a few. Take the santoku knife for example; it can be used for slicing, dicing, and chopping. There is a reason why it’s called `three virtuosos`. Santoku is more like a general knife that is good for cutting vegetables, fish and meat. It can also serve as a good alternative to the chef knife in your kitchen with its wide surfaced blade. Most versions have scalloped edges on the blade which makes it my favorite cutter for making salads. Scallops add air between the knife and whatever your slicing, making sure nothing will stick to it. A great tool if you are after thin slices.

Deba knife is also very different with its asymmetric blade. Widely used in preparation of fish and honed only on one side. Another one is yanagiba which is good at slicing boneless fish fillets for sashimi and sushi. Just be careful whichever one you get so that you don’t make sushi out of your fingers; they are all extremely sharp.

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 inch – Alpha-Royal Series

This is a beautiful knife and is certainly a good example of the ‘Asian style’ cutlery. The blade itself is made out of Japanese VG10 super steel 67-layer Damascus. It is extremely sharp as typical with other eastern style knives and honed to 12-15 degrees per side. Definitely built with perfection in mind.

One thing to point out is that the balance on the knife is really well-designed. This helps your wrist to relax more and rocking motion chopping is done smoothly. We don’t see this feature on traditional cutlery every day, it is rather a characteristic of the western knives. I think it is best of both worlds; took all the good features of western and traditional eastern knives.

When you grip you will immediately find out that the rounded handle is incredibly comfortable. This is because it is top military grade G10 with full tang. Extra strength and durability are heavily emphasized on every section of this marvelous tool. Comes with a 2mm thick blade which makes it perfect for making super thin slices. Be really careful if this is your first sushi knife since it is literally razor sharp.

Caution: Never put this knife in the dishwasher! Take good care of it and hand wash only. Dry out well for longer lifespan.




  • Minimal slicing resistance.
  • Full tang and strong balance.
  • Premium blade material; High carbon Japanese AUS-10 super steel
  • Razor sharp; the edges are hand finished with Honbazuke method.
  • Visually stunning; Zelite infinity classic 3-metal mosaic rivet.
  • Ergonomic handle; comfortable, military grade rounded handle.
  • Tapered bolster for additional comfort.
  • 100% Satisfaction or money back guarantee!

In Conclusion

The Japanese sushi knives are exceptional culinary tools with special high carbon blades and premium handles. To me; they are the Mercedes-Benz of all knives especially when it comes to sushi making. Slicing and cutting made so easy and professional with them that they are irreplaceable. Simply put; the Japanese sushi knife is a must have if you are serious with your cooking. Plus, the blade mosaic and design quality are so beautiful. It is guaranteed that your guests will not be able to take their eyes away!

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